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The Divided States


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The United States approximately 1,000 years in the future after the Faro Plague caused by Ted Faro(HZD). After the extinction of life on earth, CYAN was instructed by GAIA, to activate the Yellowstone volcano, burying the inactive machinery under layers of molten earth.

Walkers are an incomplete creation made by Alexander Issacs in an attempt to cull the human population of undesirables(TWD + RE).

Dragons exist and are alien creatures that were brought to earth in a conservation effort from their home planet. They lived on earth when it was a molten rock. The eggs of dragons are nearly indestructible and have no expiration date, however, not all of them are fertilized. Eggs have been discovered, but mistaken as rocks throughout history.

Most Norse, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythologies are real but humans have a very warped understanding of it due to the loss of past information since the Faro Plague and initial incorrect interpretations. It's very hard to know the truth from man-made lies and stories.

Norse- Gods like Freya, Odin, Thor, and Loki exist, but they are simply a superior alien race humans have confused for gods.

Aliens are permanent residents on earth but aren't publicly revealed until much later, during Merci 'Mercy' Daddario's reign(SG).

After the T-virus epidemic, the world rebounds within a hundred years and advances past previous modern technology as Alex Daddario along with Elisabet Sobeck have unlocked parts of the erased APOLLO AI. With her ruling over the largest territory of the Divided States, she is able to implement technology on a large scale without the usual blockade of politics. Along with the elimination of most capitalism, the private property of companies, hoarding of wealth, and destructive tycoons and monopolies, Alex has promoted green, solar, and clean energy around the entirety of North America, in order to dispel the basic causes of crime.