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Who came up with it? How should I know?
— Farmer in the Green Hills

As the name would suggest, the handcart is a cart for transporting goods or people without beasts of burden, which means that the operators muscle power is required.

The carts have various designs, but usually either two or four wheels under a place where goods can be put and a handle in front on which the operator pulls to make the cart move.

These vehicles can be found all over Sharas and in use by a large part of the population. In some places they are used exclusively instead of having some larger carts drawn by Lurkogia. This is usually because these places are inaccessible to large carts or Lurkogia.

The origin of these vehicles is lost to time. Some claim that a simple farmer invented it, but this seems dubious at best and no sources claiming this are reliable. Others say that it is an invention so old that the Antediluvian were using them. This is also unlikely considering their ability to manufacture and use conduits, which seems like a much better way of transporting goods.


The hand cart is propelled using muscle power. Specifically, the leg muscles are used the most. Some designs also require a certain amount of strength in the arms in order to operate the vehicle safely.

As fast as the operator can run with it

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