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Summer Camp 2022 Pledge

Goals and Motivations

It's been a while since I've been able to worldbuild due to real life and other projects eating away my time and motivation so mostly for this summer camp I just want to have fun worldbuilding again. Also even before I took a break I'd been feeling pretty burnt out and unispired. Writing articles turned into more and more of a chore and even though I'm proud of a lot of mt more recent work, I'm not proud of how long they took and they were often frustrating and tiring to write. So this summer camp I'd like to try to recapture my energy and enthusiasm for worldbuilding.

I'd also like to explore the more divine side of the world, I feel like in the past two summer camps I've focused a lot on the mortal side and mostly forgotten the deities and quasi-deities and their meddling in the world; so instead of focusing on a specific region I want to focus more on how the divine intersects with the mortal world.

Since last summer camp I achieved a silver badge and wrote over 11,000 words I'd like to achieve a gold or diamond badge and write 15,000 or more words. Finally, I'm excited to be able to work on worldbuilding with Theo. Sometimes worldbuilding can feel very lonely feeling for me so it'll be nice to have some company. Theo'll be helping fill in the Dragon Lands...and the elementals...and anything else I don't have nailed down tightly enough!

I'm planning to write at 10:00 or 12:00 everyday since I tend to work best at midday and I usually eat lunch around 11:00. What I'm really shooting for though is writing everyday and not leaving 60% of the work for the last week of camp.


Besides Ushal I'm not really sure what I'll do here. I don't think any of the islands of Ostari are large enough to count for this. I probably need to make a climate map.
This world has no lack of leaders but for this summer camp I'm going to try to focus mostly on clerical and cult leaders along with the government of Silara.
Between the physical exploration of Duvi , the medical experimentation in Kohri, and the clockwork inventions of the elves and extraplanar beings there's plenty of possibilities for this theme and a surprising amount of them can be connected to the quasi-deities and deities.
Many of the quasi-deities and their servants can be considered monsterous in either apperaence, mannerisms, or both to mortals so they'll be a perfect fit for this theme.

Inspirational Images

Iesis, creator of Kohri by invadersforever
by Mmoyaq

Inspirational Music

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Author's Notes

I didn't die I promise, I was just mostly dead . In all seriousness I was burried under finishing high school, finishing up a huge year long project, getting ready for college, and writing an absurd amount of backstory for my two characters in a new Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous campaign. But I'm excited to be back for my favorite time of the year: WA Summer Camp! Also as you may have been able to tell, I now finally have a computer that can do digital art! I'm not sure I'll really be able to do much for summer camp but I'm hoping I'll be able to do some. Also hopefully I'll be able to replace the way out of date world cover.

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27 Jun, 2022 23:41

I feel you on burnout and lack of inspiration and hope you’ll be able to overcome them. Have a good summer camp!

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29 Jun, 2022 21:05

Thank you; I hope you also have a good summer camp! Burnout is the absolute worst. >_<

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