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My focus area for World Anvil Summer Camp

Oh, we'll never get even close to seeing all of the islands, and why would you want to? Knowing there's always something more to explore, something more to map, something to see before that's never been seen...that's the fun part!
— Dirure Voana, explorer and founder of the sovereignty of Duvi

Ostari is well known for its wealth of natural resources and its mysteriousness. Many of the islands are unexplored or only a small portion has been explored. Three sovereignties vie for control of the archipelago: the hardworking and adventurous sovereignty of Duvi, the ambitious Ostarian Empire which is currently in the midst of revolution, and the wealthy and enduring sovereignty of Kohri. Despite their efforts, the islands remain independent.


Due to large height of the archipelago, its islands host a large variety of different environments. Dense jungles fill the south, extensive grasslands and forests cover the middle, and frigid tundra dominates the north.

Fauna & Flora

The varied terrain is home to equally varied wildlife. Mammals and birds can be found in abundance on all of the islands. Lizards, amphibians, arachnids, and various insects have less wide of a range but are still very common particularly on the southern islands. The southern islands are particularly well known for being home to rare creatures that can not be found elsewhere like the many colourful birds, poisonous animals, and elephants.


Tourism is fairly common in southern and northern Ostari. Many nobles come to the southern islands to enjoy the vibrant jungles and to the north for its unique hunting opportunities. Tourism is far less popular in other areas.
Alternative Name(s)
The Ostarian Islands
Included Locations
Included Organizations

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Until the Elves

... 472

  • 186 UE

    The Aghu Sovereignty is Founded

    Sinuh Rheka conquered the city-states that made up the southern portion and established the sovereignty of Ahgu. Her descendants ruled the sovereignty for over 350 years.

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  • 410 UE

    The Sovereignty of Duvi is Founded

    The northern islands are united under the great explorer Dirure Voana and the sovereignty of Duvi is established.

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  • 464 UE

    The Ostarian Empire is Founded

    Nirrah Boli unites the clans that make up the middle islands under the promise that they will rule all of Ostari. The heads of these clans make up the first High Council of Ostari and with it is founded the Ostarian Empire.

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  • 465 UE-108 AE

    The War of Southern Ostari
    Military action

    The Ostarian Empire waged war on the Ahgu Sovereignty and later the sovereignty of Kohri. They were able to gain quite a bit of ground especially during the fall of Ahgu but they have also suffered several setbacks as Ahgu and later Kohri fight back fiercely to regain their lost territory. The war eventually ended in a stalemate and the stalemate has continued to this day in part thanks to the Lasting Peace.

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After the Elves

473 and beyond

  • 67 AE

    The Sovereignty of Ahgu Falls

    After a devastating hurricane, rumors of corruption, a thoroughly uninterested sovereign, and civil unrest the Ahgu sovereignty collapses giving way to the sovereignty of Kohri.

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  • 190 AE

    The Cult of Erah Gains Popularity in Duvi
    Religious event

    Under the charismatic priest Vadal the cult of Erah gains great popularity in Duvi. It remains very popular there to this day.

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  • 265 AE-present?

    The Lasting Peace
    Diplomatic action

    The Lasting Peace was the period of time after !the Elvish-Orcish War when there were no major wars in the civilized world. Zhaliya focused on internal affairs, many new city-states rose up from the fallen !Cadrial Empire, and the islands of Ostari flourished with open trade and lack of conflict. Many people worry that with Zhaliya declaring war on The Wild Lands the Lasting Peace will be over and others will start declaring war as well. Others worry that Zhaliya will finish what it started in the Elvish-Orcish War--taking over all of Istervyn.

  • 328 AE

    Sedre's Exploration
    Population Migration / Travel

    Spurred on by the explorer Sedre Dava, the sovereignty of Duvi has taken great interest in exploration. Along with this exploration comes migration as people claim the best new land and put it to work.

    Additional timelines
  • 342 AE

    Nalgi's Revolution

    Spurred on by the weakness of the current High Council of Ostari and by the innovative scholar Nalgi Ihize, the peasants and working class of the Ostarian Empire as well as some heads have begun a revolution. Currently it is doing quite well and it is expected that the empire will have a completely different government.

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Author's Notes

It's fairly easy to see why I chose this as my focus for summer camp: it's pretty barren and empty feeling. I hope that summer camp will spark some much needed creativity and bring some life to this continent.
The lovely cover was made using Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator and Georgio Widman's map icons.

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