The Outer Sector Freeholds - O.Sec F

A Frontier on the Edge of Known Space

The Outer Sector Freeholds, or O.Sec F as it is commonly referred to, are various loosely affiliated pockets of territory which encompass some of the most lawless and chaotic regions in all of the Delta Space. Most of the territory within O.Sec F lingers on the borders of known space, bumping up against the chaotic and unpredictable expanses of Unknown Space. It is the only, albeit unofficial, territory where its regions are separated by long stretches of territories governed by rival political bodies. With areas of O.Sec F being found on the northern, western, and southeastern areas of the Delta Space map.   The planets and people of O.Sec F are primarily left to their own devices and are not governed under an official Territorial Governance body like the rest of Delta Space. Instead, they are a collection of local planet-bound governments and vast stretches of completely ungoverned space. Which is often heavily populated with pirates, who roam around O.Sec F picking off those that are foolish enough to tarry too long within their reach. It is also a popular haven for those looking to seek sanctuary from the law, with countless outlaws hiding out on the various backwater planets of O.Sec F.   Most of the plants found within O.Sec F are barren and devoid of life or valuable materials or assets. And those planets which are inhabitable are barely so for most carbon-based life forms. Many of the planets in this territory are desert planets, either of sand and searing heat or of ice and freezing cold. Because of these severe conditions, the people of this sector tend to be hardened, both by the weather and conditions of their planet and because of the dangerous trials they face on a daily basis. Whether that be being attacked and pillaged by roaming pirates and bandits, or being bombarded by a dangerous amount of Abnormality Events. Which occur at a more frequent rate in most areas of O.Sec F, most theorize that this is due to their proximity to Unknown Space which is often thought of as being the catalyst and source of the energies that fuel Abnormality Events and the appearance of Abnormality Objects.   And while the citizens of O.Sec F often bemoan their existence in the region, many lawless criminals and adventurers come to the area on purpose. Seeking a lawless life uncoupled by rules and regulations, and often in the hopes of catching a powerful Abnormality Object in the meantime.  
The current territory considered to be a part of O.Sec F

Loose Political Affiliations

Because O.Sec F isn't an official Territorial Governance, at least in the same fashion as the others are, they do not have a permanent representative for when meetings between other Territorial Governances occur. In the past, when meetings between the various political bodies of the Delta Space were more common, O.Sec F in order to have their various population's voices heard, would have several members of planetary-bound governments chosen to represent the entirety of the territory. Because political bodies tend to be temporary and quickly replaced in O.Sec F each time one of these meetings occurred new representatives would be chosen, usually from different planets from the last time. Usually, this falls to two representatives from the northern regions, two from the western regions, and one from the smaller southeastern regions of O.Sec F.   This solution has never been very effective, as the chosen representatives often fight amongst each other trying to have their voices heard over their cohorts. Often in an attempt to gain favour for their specific planet or area in which they govern. But, no other solution has ever been tried and this setup still occurs to this day. Though these meetings are not nearly as frequently held as they used to be.   The Delta Space is in a more tumultuous state than in the past, especially when it comes to relationships between the governance. With the Ka'yar Colonial Governance being in a civil war with their sister state the Representative Democracy of Liberation, the ongoing hostilities between the Imperial Council of Planets and the Lupine Democratic Monarchy, and the growing concerns over the intentions of the expanding The Hivemind Sentius Network.   Because of these complications in the Delta Space, O.Sec F has over the last several decades been left with little trade or assistance from the other governance. Both because of a lack of ability to communicate with them, due to their remote distance, and because of the ongoing hostilities their neighbours are currently engaged with. Leaving the Outer Sector Freeholds to primarily fend for themselves. Currently, the only governance that has been offering ongoing support is the Federated Territories of Vash. A Governance that was once in a similar predicament before finally consolidating their political bodies into one, because of this they continue to have sympathy for their close border neighbours in O.Sec F.
The Outer Sector Freeholds, commonly referred to as O.Sec F, are tiny sectors of territory that line the outer reaches of the Delta Space which typically border the dangerous expanse of Unknown Space. O.Sec F is often dangerous, filled with pirates, strange occurrences, and strange places. It is an unlawful almost entirely ungoverned area with no official governing body.   On the rare occasion that the Territorial Governances of the Delta Space meet to discuss important matters, several politicians of local sectors and planets are chosen to represent O.Sec F as a whole. Though these sorts of congregations often don't get along, and O.Sec F is often a meek voice amongst the more powerful and well-organized governance.
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Frontier Settlement - Hack-5
Hack-5 is a dry-arid desert world without any sort of law, populated by the desperate, the unknown, and large swathes of criminals looking to take advantage of a seemingly backwater planet.   But Hack-5 is as mysterious as it is ungovernable, it is a place where Abnormality Events are rampant and the number of Abnormality Objects is far more than anywhere else in the Delta Space. Because of this the desperate flock to the area in the hopes that they will get their hands on the next powerful object of the Delta Space. Though most can't contend with the chaos that occurs day to day on Hack-5.
Medical Succulent - Scarlet Griphyte
One of the only 'legit' businesses and items of trade value in northern O.Sec F, is the Scarlet Griphyte. A succulent that grows primarily on Hack-5 and its neighbouring desert moon, Iroh.   This plant is a sought-after commodity by the mid-sector Governances of the Delta Space and is used as a cure-all. And while the plant does have some medicinal properties and can help soothe burns and seal wounds it does not cure all, like many quack doctors state. Though it is used as a popular recreational drug as when it is dried and powdered it becomes a mild hallucinogenic.
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