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Proclamation of War by King Ta'liote Myridos XIV of the Ka'yar Colonial Governance

Contents of Proclamation

Seen sitting on the royal throne from the Ka'yar homeworld of Kyrnn, King Ta'liote Myridos XIV of the Ka'yar Colonial Governance speaks the following;
I come to you my loyal citizens with a message of dire urgency and consequence. As many of you may already be aware, an extremist sect of former Ka'yar citizens have taken it upon themselves to forcible annex a large stretch of territory that is by law and right of rule apart of the Ka'yar Colonial Governance in which I sit upon the throne and am therefore response.   These extremists have done the unthinkable and betrayed the trust of the citizens of Ka'yar and have thus insulted the sanctity and right to rule that I currently bare. As such it is my duty to quell this insurrection and bring to heel those that have enacted it.   Due to this, I have the unfortunate duty to officially announcement our intentions to invade the occupied space using military force in order retrieve the currently misappropriated territory in which these terrorists occupy and govern illegally. It is also my unfortunate duty to capute and detain all heads of this unlawful insurrection and illegal governance of territory that is by right Ka'yar Colonial Governance space.   This also has the unfortunate possibility of leading to the deaths of these violent insurgents, and while this is not our intended course it may come to pass. And if they must perish in order to ensure the safety of all Ka'yar people, then it will be so.   In witness of my council, I King Ta'liote Myridos XIV of the Ka'yar Colonial Governance officiate this messages authenticity and authorize its spread so that all within and outside of our controlled territories may witness my words and understand what it to come.

Historical Impact

This forty year old message was a historic announcement for two reasons, first, it sparked a civil war between the two forces that has now spanned forty years. The once unified Ka'yar people fought endlessly with each other due to a massive difference in moral and political views.   During this time, many lives have been lost of the boundaries between the two territories have shifted back and forth numerous times. And the war has shown no signs of slowing or stopping, with both sides being more intrenched than ever before.   Secondly, it was a major technological feat as the announcement was broadcasted, albeit in pre-record form across a massive expanse of the Delta Space. Using the recently expanded Improbable Distances Relay and Communications Satellites to deliver the message to various ships, stations, planets, and any screen it could be uploaded to for viewing across known space.   And while the message did not play live or simultaneously across the galaxy it was and still is the most widely spread single message shared across the Delta Space. Having reached various pockets within all of the territories.   The only territory that did not receive a reliable copy of the message was O.Sec F due to their remote nature. Even the Hivemind Sentius Network accepted a copy of the message out of curiosity, acceptance of outside communications technology is rare for the Hivemind.     The message cost so much money to share, that ExaBase Advanced Communications, the owner of the Improbably Distances Relay and Communciations Satellites network, made more money in this single message than they did in the totality of their operations in the five years leading up to the announcement of the civil war.
Forty years ago King Ta'liote Myridos XIV of the Ka'yar Colonial Governance officially announced his government's intentions to invade the "illegally occupied territory" which the Ka'yar splinter-government of the Representative Democracy of Liberation forcibly annexed from the Ka'yar Colonial Governance weeks prior.    This announcement sparked a civil war which has raged on ever since between the two splintered factions. It was and still is the most widespread message made available for viewing across the Delta Space. Using an expanded Improbable Distances Relay and Communications Satellites to spread its message at an enormous cost throughout known space.
Delta Space - Territorial Governances Map Base Map Image
A map of the Delta Space
King Ta'liote Myridos XIV's message originated from the south central area (highlighted in pink) of the map in the region labelled Ka'yar Colonial Governances and expanded outwards to most of the other territories. Click the image or here to see an expanded map.

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