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WorldEmber 2023 Prep

Week 1 | Area of Focus

I will be focusing on my main character Adeline Swift as the entire story is based from her perspective. I am looking forward to understanding her personality, her motives, and her overall why. The Daisy Killer (working title) is focused on Adeline and the research she does to find and stalk her victims.   The novel will get inside the head of her, a serial killer. Her signature mark, or calling card, is a daisy placed somewhere on the remains. She also focuses on individuals who, in her eyes, escaped justice.

Week 2 | Mini-Meta


I will be focusing on Adeline Swift, her actions, her journals, and her main home. Looking at the reason behind why she kills and how she goes about it.  

Theme | Mood | Goals | Inspiration

The Daisy Killer is focusing on the grey area of right and wrong and the understanding that you may need to take action into your own hands to make a change happen. The focus is to leave you feeling the morality balance or unbalance along with understanding from Adeline's perspective how she view the world and how it is not in black and white.  

Category Structure

I will mainly be adding the articles into a staging center before I put them into categories.


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Nov 4, 2023 07:07 by Elspeth

This sounds like a great idea for a novel! I can't wait to read more.

Nov 4, 2023 09:23 by Annie Stein

Woo character driven worldbuilding is top notch stuff. I hope you have fun this Worldember!

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