Virtual Space

Thanks to the advances in cyberspace, anyone can purchase a VS headset that allows them to experience the cyber world in full techni-colour beamed onto your eyes. For those who really want to you can have augment implants that allow the cyber world to be projected directly onto your brain. Most suffice with just the headset, and experience a view similar to the picture above.   Virtual Space allows information to be displayed over the real world and enrich a persons experience, for example when glancing at traffic lights at a road intersection those with a VS headset will be able to see a timer above the traffic light that counts down until it will change. When glancing at a shop a person can see scrolling adverts for the shop advertising the wares, even down to smaller things, when frequenting a bar like the Jolly Rancor one can call up many VS delights to dance on your table or play games.   The invention of VS revolutionised the digital world, law enforcement like Llanotan Enforcement Incorporated are able to bring up criminal records and tag criminals in public so they can be avoided, one can bring up the social media profile of someone to see interests and their history.   This has led to an unofficial market place for people who can engineer your VS 'aura', skilled 'information manipulators' a slang for hackers, can engineer your data. Nipping and tucking irrelevant social media posts, obfuscating your financial details and even inventing new parts of your personality, this has an effect when encountering others as your VS aura shows up as more desirable and business worthy.   And on the official side this has led to a new fashionable market of avatar customisation, for those who use Virtual Space all the time they can opt to design an avatar of themselves. This is an overlay which is projected around yourself that makes you appear as a different appearance than you normally would. This can be the application of digital tattoos all the way up to appearing as a different species or gender, this allows you to truly express who you are and is becoming a more and more popular option in the more urbanised areas of the Crucible.  

Some Uses of Virtual Space in the Crucible

* Checking an advert out on the front of a shop. * Seeing pertinent information about a person passing you by. * Navigation. * Target Acquisition (military). * Entertainment in a bar * Projecting an avatar  

The down side of Virtual Space

Particularly amongst those who have had the implants a phenomenon has arisen in the Crucible called 'disconnection syndrome' whereby people become utterly dependent on Virtual Space, be it because they never learned to navigate without a navigation app, they can't remember faces or whatever, these people use VS almost like a drug.   This has particularly become a problem with younger generations who have been raised on VS since birth, they are so heavily reliant on the social media, navigation, financial and other systems that when they suffer a 'disconnect' they are utterly unable to function in the world without heavy instruction.   An event was recorded on Leonis where by a city lost connection to the InterFleck system due to a terrorist attack, the city barely recovered as an entire chunk of society suddenly found they were unable to function without being able to switch their smart kettle on via the VS link or remember who were friends or how to get to work or remember names. This may sound quite trivial but they utterly lacked the social skills or knowledge of systems to be able to interface 'manually', the economic impact was immense and to this day there are now multiple redundancies within the system.


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