The Expectant Kill

The Expectant Kill is the Daxian Honest Haulage Incorporated's premier Void Mysticeti hunting ship. It is a ship with one purpose, to bring in oil, it was designed from the ground up for this purpose, even it's shape factored in. The great barbed prow of the Kill is designed to be able to ram some of the older Mysticeti, and from there inject them with toxins designed to paralyze and kill them. The DHH company say this is a painless process due to the anesthetic properties of the poison.. but who can tell?   To the rear of the ship is a great open area like a half barrel that is designed to carry up to modestly large specimens of whale, it can then be closed and pressurized. From here the crew of up to 100 indentured labourers get to work with the gruesome task of slicing up the now dead carcass and rendering it down into pure refined Mystic-oil as it is called.   They say that the entire ship has the inescapable smell of death across every single corridor and surface. The crew of this particular ship are rotated out every six months as a mania tends to take over, only the most mentally robust can withstand it to stay on the ship longer. People who come off the ship have a higher occurrence of suicide amongst them than other populations with many unable to shake a sense of suffering.   But still, it travels the void hunting the Mysticeti and still it brings back the Mystic-oil bringing more and more profits to the DHH.

Power Generation

Red Amber


Large thrusters with an after burn capability.

Weapons & Armament

The ship bristles with various types of harpoon of various gauges and sizes.

Armor and defense

Heavily armoured prow designed for ramming.

Hangars & docked vessels

The ship carriers two large tugs clamped to its back that are designed to grapple and manoeuvre Mysticeti carcasses into the hold.

The Kill
"By the Gallon"
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
Up to several thousand gallons of pure refined Void Mysticeti oil.
Hundreds of tons
30 professional crew, 100 indentured labourers
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
Up to several thousand gallons of pure refined Void Mysticeti oil.


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