Flames of Rebirth

Within the flames of Phoenix, we shall be reborn into a new light so that will never know the cold of the darkness that might await us.
  • Chant of Rebirth
  • History

    The Flames of Rebirth is a rite that all who worship the Phoenix will be given after their death. For there is no afterlife for them to go to and instead those who die will return to the world reincarnated into a new life. It is said that since the Phoenix is the embodiment of rebirth and new life those who follow her shall receive it as life should not just end in death, but should be given a fresh start for their souls can continue the learn and experience what life has to offer rather than just one experience.



      When someone dies, the body of the deceased must be cleaned and maintained by the time the ceremony begins. The body must be protected at all times as the soul still lingers in it, waiting to be freed from its lifeless shell. All world valuables are removed from it and only a mort cloth covering the body as it is carried to the funeral pyre to await it rites o be spoken. If this is not done then the soul with retain its identity and wander the earth until it finds peace. This considered one of the few ideas of how Wanderers can come to be. But  

    The Rites

      Rites of Cleansing: If the deceased led a good life their sins will be burned away so the soul can be at peace so their journey and find their new life in time. But if they have committed crimes that are unforgivable by those of the living, then it will remain with the soul so they may feel the guilt that they suffer and live of struggle to atone for it and live a good life so it may be cleaned once they die again.  
    Let thy sorrows and sins burn away so they may not follow you on your journey
    But if your guilt is as cold as ice you will carry it will stay with until you make things right
      Rites of Remembrance: Each soul must have the memories of their past life suppressed so they not be affected by them in their next life as it does not matter anymore. But it is apart of the soul so they cannot be removed or it may harm it. By doing this the souls can retain their identity and the values that they stand for may come into their next life if they want to.  
    Life is ever fleeting and changing and with time all is forgotten, but deep down within our being some things will never be forgotten no matter how long time has passed
      Rites of Rebirth: The final rite that will release the soul properly from its body. With it, the soul will be able to journey peacefully until it finds its way to a new life. For every fire must go out eventually, but from the ashes sparks, many remain so new fire may burn as brightly as ever before. This helps reinvigorate the soul to make the journey to live life once more across the world, or even beyond it.  
    Though your vessel no longer has life running through it, worry not for it is not the end. Now it is time to once more journey into the unknown and sees that life shall return to you when the time is right.

    The Burning

      Once all the rites have been said the body is then burned. The fire will continue to burn until the body is completely turned to ash and the fire goes out. The soul will then head out on its journey so it may find another life to live no matter where it may be. The ashes are gathered by the priest and then scattered to the wind so all that remains shall fade for life has ended and soon a new one shall begin when the time is right.  
    Oh flame of the goddess, let this one wander fully prepared to face the unknown as it journeys where it wishes to go without burdens that it once had.

    Components and tools

    Mortcloth: The cloth is used to cover the body as the soul is now faceless and no longer needs to see their former self so they are not confused   Funeral Pyre: A pyre is built for the body so it may burn the soul will leave it once the body is gone.


    Priest of Flames: Filled with life and passion, these priests carry out the will of the goddess and help send the souls of the deceased onto their journey to reincarnation. Saying all the rites and remind all who attend the funeral will know that death is never the end and will only lead to a new beginning.


    Upon their death here, the body of the deceased will be burned within the first few days when the soul still lingers in so that when the rights are said and the body nothing but ash, the soul may reach its next destination.


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