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The Bard

The Bard, also known as the Sad Bard, is a person known by anyone in The Pit.
He often rests in various taverns, where he will play any song the people ask him to, and in breaks between playing, he will help with any problems with his advice. He seems to know a lot about the people and The Pit itself.   He has almost supernatural ability to show up unannounced in the places where his advice would be needed. Those two of his qualities, mixed with his amazing musical talent, are the reasons why people often joke that he is some kind of fae or another creature of the folklore.   It is certain that he has some kind of history with The Wanderer, as when they meet, he will always greet the Wanderer, while Wanderer will be very cold towards him.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He looks very frail and his sickly appearance doesn't help that. To the surprise of anyone that would try to attack him, he is very dexterous and fast. When he is not performing, he coughs every once in a while.

Body Features

He has very long, thin limbs. His torso is narrow (and short compared to his legs).

Facial Features

His ears are a little elongated. In the left one, he has a row of three earrings. They have a copper color.
He has very dark circles under his eyes and freckles on his cheeks, which contrast with his sickly pale skin.
His face is long and pointy. He can't grow any facial hair.
A smile rarely shows up at his face, even if he sings happy songs.

Physical quirks

He walks a little hunched over.

Specialized Equipment

He brings his lute, flute, and drum wherever he goes.
He has a few knives and daggers for the self-defense hidden in his clothes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He doesn't like to talk about the past, but from listening to the music, he likes to play the most, it is easy to conclude, he lost something very important to him.   He is known all around The Pit, as he appears out of nowhere in different places. Asked about this he will say that he just was in the area.


He is well read and educated both in the arts and music, and surviving in the wilds.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He helped in solving many different mysteries of The Pit with his advice. However, he never takes the spotlight.
He is the most known musician of The Pit, but he never took part in any music competition (a few times he was asked to be one of the juries, he agreed).

Intellectual Characteristics

He has a great memory for the faces and names of the people

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes to see people solve the riddles and discover the beauty of the world around themselves.

Vices & Personality flaws

For some reason, animals don't really like him. Some are even hostile towards him.


Contacts & Relations

Almost anyone knows him and he knows almost anyone. If someone needs the help of another person, he knows, he will often tell where to find them and how to ask them.

Family Ties

They're good.
He does have a family, but he doesn't talk about them.

Social Aptitude

Bard is very kind and never raises his voice. While not singing, he speaks calmly and quietly. Some even say that his voice is soothing and soporific.


Whenever someone says something to him, he takes a second or two to construct what he wants to say as to not be misunderstood.


The Bard

Friendly (Important)

Towards The Wanderer



The Wanderer

Cold and distant (Important)

Towards The Bard



Wealth & Financial state

Whenever the money is needed to do something, he always pulls out a sack with the exact amount needed.
Biological Sex
He was once in a relationship with a woman he loved with every cell of his body.
Bright green, almost glowing in the darkness
Straw blonde, long straight hair
192 cm
72 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
I see you have quite a problem.
— He says as he appears out of nowhere in a place he shouldn't be.

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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