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Prison 10 below

10 layers below the lowest point where the protective Glow of The Tree still reaches, there's a prison. While it hasn't been used by the current inhabitants of The Pit, it seems like the previous cultures living here used it quite a lot. Still, while humans don't live there right now, the place found itself new denizens that dwell there today. It is also a house for an Anomaly.  

The building

The building itself is a standard prison. Surrounded by tall walls with one or two gates leading inside to the main building. The main building itself is covered with bright red bricks. A lot of them have crumbled to dust due to the cold temperatures. The building itself is 3 stories high with a pretty big, green yard next to it. The yard is fully equipped, even with the chessboard tables and an outdoor gym. To get to the canteen, one needs to go through it to the second, smaller building. The third building, located next to the canteen was a workshop and laundry. Here prisoners were working to kill some of the boredom of the day. The last building, one farther from the first two was used mostly by guards and prison workers.  

The anomaly

The name of the prison has a double meaning. While the most obvious one describes its location, with it being located 10 layers below the last of The Tree layers, the second meaning describes the conditions there. Just getting close to the building, one can quickly notice the sudden drop in the temperature. To the point where at its main gate, the temperature is 10 degrees Celsius below 0. The cause for this is the Anomaly inside of the building, something that shows up pretty rarely on the layers so low.   The Anomaly flash freezes anything that leaves a few certain pathways invisible to the human eye. While there are some people that could guide someone through the building, it is highly advisable to simply walk around the building, on the perimeter where the air is just slightly colder. Otherwise, they could end up as icicles. Or a next meal for the creatures here.   It is rumored that the heart of the Anomaly is somewhere within one of the solitary cells.

The nest

Despite the conditions of the building, there are creatures that decided to create their nests here. Knowing the places they should avoid, surviving in a cold without problem, Not only that, they can quickly adapt to the conditions outside as they have been witnessed hunting outside. Whatever's living down there it's dangerous and intelligent.

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