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Little Lovbury

Little Lovbury is a small, rustic, English town located in one of the middle layers but away from the main shaft of The Pit. Thanks to the chaotic arrangement of the landscape of The Pit, it was somehow surrounded by the prison walls. Thanks to that it has survived to this day.   Traveling to it from outside, after being let through the gate of the wall, the first things one can see are the fields that surround the town, and gravel road leading to it. The road is wide enough for the caravan to cross it. A hundred meters from the first buildings of the town, there is a small bridge going over the stream, the second main source of the water in town after the well at the town square. A sign will greet travelers entering the town.   The buildings here are seventeenth-century stone cottages with steep roofs covered in wooden tiles. Almost all of them have gardens, most of them use neatly-cut hedge as a fence. Most of them are bungalows, but there are some two-story houses. The town is known for its small, picturesque town square with vines growing from one building to another, creating a green garland, and its colorful stalls. The roads here are made out of cobble.


Most of the people living here are farmers.


Little Lovbury is ruled by the mayor elected by people in the election that happens every four years. The current mayor, Mayor Susan Collet, has been in that position for the last ten years.


The main defense of the town is the prison wall surrounding it manned by the towns' watch. If anything looking dangerous tries to get close to the wall, the guards will ring a bell, while trying to fight off the invader.
The bell tells the able fighters of the town that they should arm themselves and help to defend the wall, and everyone who can't or isn't able to fight needs to hide in the underground shelters.
Each of said shelters has enough resources for the specific number of the residents of the town to survive for two weeks, that is why every citizen is taught, which shelter they should evacuate to, to ensure the biggest chance of survival.

Industry & Trade

Little Lovbury is known for its export of Elemental Crops (mostly affected by Nature and Earth Elements) that have unique sweetish taste and crispy texture, which are very desired in some parts of The Pit, and various species of flowers that don't grow anywhere else.


Little Lovbury has been found just after Awakening by the (now passed-away) predecessor of Mayor Susan Collet, an old man who, after waking up for the first time, gathered all of the people, who have woken up near him, and lead them here, thinking that the prison walls would be a great defense.
Even in his wildest dreams, he didn't expect a town behind the prison walls. He knew that he had to seize every opportunity given to him, so he and his people inhabited the town and started to restore unused buildings. They discovered that the ground there is very fertile and that is how most of them became farmers. The old man had some experience with fighting, so he founded the guard and trained them. He was also the one, who came up with the alert bell system. As of today, no attacks, human or not, were ever able to cross the walls.   During the fourth year of Awakening, the old man began to feel very sick. As the closest help was kilometers away, it was impossible to save his life.
Later, the first election took place. Suzan Collet became the mayor. Her first goal as a mayor was to find a way to establish a trade route with other settlements and create roads between them to increase the chance of saving other people in case of sickness. She also tried to find enough practiced doctors to open a clinic or even a hospital in Little Lovbury.


The town is surrounded by hundreds of small hills that were turned into fields, apiaries, and pastures. Calm stream full of fish wraps around it. North side of the town consists of orchards spreading for 1 ha. Mostly deciduous trees grow here.

Natural Resources

Wool from sheep, leather from cows, river fish, milk and other dairy products, feathers and various kinds of vegetables and fruits.

Important buildings

Town square

  • Little Lovbury's Town Hall
  • Little Lovbury's Police Station
  • Little Lovbury's Fire Station
  • Little Lovbury's Church, with belfry seen from afar, as the bell inside it is made out of silver and is so polished, that it reflects the light for miles.
  • Barrels and Buckets, a cooper's store
  • Old Nicholas' Forge
  • Walking Nice, a joined business of two brothers, a tailor and shoemaker.
  • Black Pans
  • Butcher Greg and Sons
  • Beards and 'Staches, the finest barber of all of the neighbouring settlements.
  • The Grocers
  • Martins' Ice Cream Parlor

Other areas

  • Little Lovbury's Orchards
  • Bob's and Julie's Farm
  • James' Mill
  • House of Doctor Collins - Doctor Collins is both human doctor and a vet
  • Little Lovbury's Post Office
  • Miss Kitty's Florist Shop - Miss Kitty works in town both as a florist and a gardener, so all of the gardens look so nice thanks to her.

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I love the idea of the settlement inside prison walls, and the history is also well thought-out :) good stuff!