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Crystal badger

Aside from humans, there are not many animals living on The Surface layers. Most of them found various ways of counteracting the deadly impact of the sun shining down on the endless sands there. Some cover themselves with the sand, creating a protective armor. Some have skin covered with plates that refract the light, keeping them safe. And then there are crystal badgers, who just don't care.  


While the crystal badgers aren't that tall (only about 30 cm high), their bodies are fairly long, measuring around 1 meter, and wide (at 50-60 cm). Their bodies and heads are flat, creating an almost straight line whenever they stand up. They are covered in an almost 1 cm thick skin covered in white (due to the bleaching properties of the sun), thick, almost sharp fur. They possess four short legs equipped with long sharp claws they mostly use to dig and attack their prey. They have small, black eyes and their eyes were almost completely reduced, forming only small triangles.   The most notable thing about them are the Elemental Crystals growing out of their backs. It is theorized that it is thanks to the presence of those crystals that the crystal badgers are able to survive on The Surface like that. In many cases, the crystals form small ecosystems on the backs of the crystal badgers, such as the growth of plants (Nature ones) or the constant streams dripping down their backs.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

Crystal badgers are omnivores, feeding on any organic matter that survives on The surface layers. There have been reports of some of them attacking the Beasts from Above and then feasting on their flesh.
In case of the crystal badgers used for crystal gathering, keeping them well fed stops them from attacking their handlers and they are often fed one additional time just before the seasonal gathering just for the safety.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Crystal badgers possess an incredibly strong sense of smell, which they rely on when hunting for their food. Compared to that, both their sight and hearing are pretty bad.
Geographic Distribution
The observed crystal badgers could live up to 10 years.
As of yet, there hasn't been found a way to domesticate the crystal badgers. As long as they are fed, they are calm and will let anyone touch the crystals growing on them, as soon as they get hungry, they can shred anyone and anything to pieces.

Their name

Crystal badgers tend to live in the rare areas of The Surface, where Elements show up. In fact, they spend way too much time in those areas for any living being to survive. But instead of developing Elemental Sickness due to the constant exposure, Elemental Crystals start to grow on their backs. Additionally, thanks to the animal's thick skin, they grow only on the outside, so harvesting them doesn't impact the animals negatively in any way. In fact, it is possible to easily harvest the crystals without any harm to the animal. Because of that, not only the crystal badgers are protected in various ways, they are actively bred to increase the harvest of the crystals filled with the Elements that would help people survive in the harsh environment of The Surface, mainly the Nature and Water ones.

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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27 Jul, 2020 08:41

These guys are really unique and interesting. I'd love to see one in real life! I love that they just seem to trundle around on the Surface without a care in the world.

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