The Second Solar Group

The second Solar Group arose from the focus movement which sought to rebuild a more stable interstellar alliance between the worlds of the Bubble based on codified agreements and quasi judicial structures that would lend greater certainty to the otherwise haphazard and somewhat chaotic arrangements that had prevailed during the fragmentation of the Bubble.   Earth was still the dominant partner but the alliance was smaller and more balanced than the first Solar Group had been.   One of the early policies of the group was to reinforce the watchtowers at the edge of the Bubble. Not long after the formation of the second Solar Group, the Pyrian Supernova led to the end of the Limitation.   in 3544, the second Solar Group established a program called the Great Surveys, designed to gather rapid information about the new systems immediately beyond the Bubble, which had now suddenly become accessable to Humanity.

Shining Together

Founding Date
Alliance, Generic
Neighboring Nations
Related Species

Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW


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