The Great Push

The Great Push (2316 CE to 2780 CE) is the name historians give both to the political movement supporting the first great expansion of human colonies beyond Earth and the broader resulting historical trends. Although Green Home had already been established in 2308, the Great Push is more formally considered to have begun eight years later when the Emigrants' Charter was brought into force by the second dynasty of the Resource Management World Government, followed by the settling of Blue Home only two years later. With the end of the Golden Age Of Adventure there was a temporary reassessment of the policy but this turned out to be no more than a short pause and active expansion into the Bubble continued in some degree under all the following dynasties of the Resource Management World Government. Even the weakening of the Emigrants' Charter in 2473 CE had little effect. It was not until the options for comfortable or profitable systems available for expansion began to hit the boundaries of the Bubble, that there was a gradual slow down. Keldarchon and RingSide were the last two significant colonisation events within the Bubble, in 2732 CE and 2780 CE respectively under the 7th dynasty of the Resource Management World Government. Keldarchon is at the upper limit of the temperature range humans can tolerate and RingSide was always a small venture limited to tourism and a little mining. The colonisation of Ringside is considered to mark the end of the Great Push. From this time until the end of the Limitation in 3540 CE human populations built slowly on the many existing colony worlds but there was also a collapse of interstellar government, which only began to recover in 3478. A second wave of colonisation would not start until the Ultimate Diaspora began in 3680 CE.

Cover image: Keldarchon by DMFW


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