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My heart to Gaeland,
Where the wind and winter defy us
The invader seeks to destroy us
And we say, "No."
— Cormac MacSuain, writer, 1698
For centuries, Gaeland was split between clans that frequently feuded among themselves. When they weren't fighting each other, they were fighting outside invaders. Between vikings raids and settlements in the 8th - 11th centuries, and invasions from the Angles in the south and Irish to the west, the Gaels were used to fighting for their freedom.   The idea of a pan-Gaelic identity really formed after the Celtic War of 1438, when the High King of Ireland laid claim to the Gaelic crown and invaded to claim it. Gaelic clans from the highlands and the lowlands united as a force to drive back the Irish. Both sides suffered bitter losses, and it was a near victory for Ireland. Their remarkable victory, possibel only through uniting and organizing as one army rather than hundreds of scattered clans, helped to forge the idea of a united Gaelic identity.   Modern Gaeland is a small country with a deep sense of pride. Its terrain is poor for agriculture, their only pathways of the dead are from their own people crossing to the coast (i.e., they have very little vesanmer to power machinery and weaponry) and the're far removed from the continental European trade and political sphere.   Despite these challenges, Gaeland has a reputation of being a tough people with fierce warriors. Gaelic mercenaries are highly-regarded on the continent.

Ab obice saevior
Fiercer when opposed

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Official State Religion
Neighboring Nations