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The High Kingdom of Ireland

Ireland is an island nation of the west coast of Europe, plus the island of Tír Sneachta to the northwest. It has always been one of the most powerful of the Prettanik Isles thanks to its possession of Uamha an Bháis, the cave that leads to the afterlife.   Control of this cave, which is vitally important to all deceased souls, gave Ireland a powerful bargaining chip along with the vesanmer produced by the highways of the dead converging there.


The High Kingdom of Ireland rules over 5 smaller kingdoms, each with a ruler known as king (rí ruirech. These kingdoms are:
  • Ulster
  • Connacht
  • Leinster
  • Munster
  • Tír Sneachta
Upon the death of a High King, the new High King will be appointed by the Patriarch of Armagh, the head of the Arbitrium Church. The patriarch does not make the decision himself; he uses divination to determine the candidate God has already chosen. In practice, this is nearly always one of the current five kings.   When the decision has been made, the new High King holds a coronation at the Hill of Tara and his heir becomes king of the individual kingdom. The new High King will rule until his death.   The kingdoms of Ireland have a high degree of autonomy. Typically, they are left to rule without interference. The role of the High King is to mediate between kingdoms when there is a dispute, and take care of international policy.   The role was expanded in 1701, when the Constitution of Ireland was drawn up assuring certain rights for citizens and restrictions on kingly authority. The High King is now also responsible for intervening if a local king appears to be violating the constitution.   Below the kings are Band Kings (ri buiden), who rule over regions within a kingdom and are subordinate to the King. There are 2-3 Bands in each kingdom.   The lowest level of authority are the Kings of Peaks (rí benn), sometimes translated as chieftains outside of Ireland to clarify things. These chieftains rule over a single clan within a band.   Besides the High king, all these kingships are hereditary.


Ireland is the birthplace of Arbitriumism and remains the centre of the church. It is the official religion, and members of other religions face additional taxes and frequent discrimination by the public. The Arbitrium Church is closely entwined with the government. The Patriarch of Armagh, head of the church, is responsible for appointing and crowning the High King and has a significant influence on the government.   It is one of the few Arbitrist countries where diviners are outlawed, because receiving information about the future is considered a Christian duty and charging for the service is a sin. All Arbitrist Irish are expected to go to confession on a weekly basis to confess their sins and receive the weeks' prophecy of their lives.
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Geopolitical, Kingdom
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Monarchy, Theocratic
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Market economy
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