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Reino de Espanha

It's hard to believe music with that much spirit comes from a place like Espanha. How can a guitarist play so lively knowing the church is looking always over his shoulder, ready to punish any misstep?
— Olympia Bembo, Sicily, 1645
In the late 15th century, John II of Portugal was wed to Joanna I of Castile, bringing the two kingdoms into a union that would, in only a few generations, be officially consolidated into a single country: Espanha.   John became king during the Iberian War of Free Will, and immediatly converted the country to Arbitriumism. John and Joanna oversaw the conclusion of the war, and the reformation of their traditionally Catholic kingdoms into Arbitrist ones.   Their position as one of the first Arbitrist countries outside of Ireland, plus the ready availability of the printing press in their country, means that Espanha's implementation of Arbitriumism had significant influence on the face of Arbitriumism on the rest of continental Europe. The religious branch of Correctors, non-clergy members of the church who enforce the commands of fate, started in Espanha by the order of Queen Maria I in 1506. The church has tremendous power in Espanha, where knowingly making a choice counter to prescribed fate is a criminal offense.   Espanha was an early settler in the New World and colonized almost the entire peninsula of Niahica, sharing just the tip with al-Andalus. This colony has made Espanha the number one importer of luxury citrus fruits to wealthy households across Europe.
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