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Crown of Aragon

Aragon is known as the kingdom of kingdoms. To those with a positive view of it, Aragon is a small empire that rules over a number of smaller states. To others, it is a loose confederation of weaker states banding together to stand up to their powerful neighbours.
  Aragon contains the following smaller states as of the present day, 1794:
  • Principality of Andorra
  • Kingdom of Aragon
  • Principality of Catalonia
  • Kingdom of Menorca
  • Kingdom of Valencia
  • Kingdom of Navarre
  • Duchy of Lucca
The component entities operate separately, with their own laws and taxation. The king if Aragon rules over the others as individual states, each with their own courts and structures. The Kingdom of Aragon must not be conflated with the Crown of Aragon, of which it is only one piece. However, the king of Aragon the kingdom serves as the overall king of Aragon the crown.


Aragon is mainly concentrated in the Iberian peninsula, with the main exception being the Duchy of Lucca. Lucca is located in Italy, bordering Tuscany. It has a small coastline on the Bay of Biscay via the Kingdom of Navarre, giving it access to the Atlantic. Otherwise, it is focused on the Mediterranean Sea, where the Kingdom of Menorca is located on a small island. Mainland Aragon borders France to the northeast, along the pyrenees, Espanha to the west, and al-Andalus to the south.


The official religion of Aragon is the Arbitrium Church, after the prolonged Iberian War of Free Will. It was historically Catholic before the war, and Arbitrists were persecuted. Aragon was one of the first countries outside of Ireland to convert to Arbitriumism on a national level.   Today, other religions receive a level of tolerance, largely due to the threat of intervention issued by the Holy Roman Empire that ended the War of Free Will. Non-Arbitrists are not allowed to hold office, but are allowed to practice in peace. This includes Catholics as well as the large minority populations of Jews and Muslims.
Official Languages
Catalan, Aragonese
Political, Confederation
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Neighboring Nations