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Hibo is a coastal city located on the eastern edge of the Jungles of Meola and would be the eastern most anchor of the The Slithering Way. Lush and green, it is filled with terraced gardens and seems to insinuate itself into the terrain and the jungle it borders. Trees and small groves line (and in some places divert) the streets and the natural rocky landscape is put to good use with terraces and some buildings being cut directly into the rock or even some of the older trees.   Rich in both food and rare plants, Hibo benefits from the The Slithering Way and the processed goods that flow into it. Cloth, metal work, tools and other manufactured textiles are highly desired, and are gladly traded for fish, exotic animals, spices, unique woods, and plants (both medicinal and recreational).   The city also serves as the capital of the region and is the seat of governance for a large swath of the Jungle itself. Held together by a loose alliance of regional villages that provide representation during yearly sessions each spring. Beyond that, each village sees to its own security and provisioning, essentially serving as independent city states for all practical purposes. Leadership can vary dramatically from city to town to village.
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