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Umful is a unique city within the Jungles of Meola as it is located along the very tail of the Pendalat Mountains and is built around the base and side of a dormant volcano. Mount Anghurng last erupted over 200 winters ago.   Umful has prospered in the intervening years and become a source of prized (and coveted) metal work and gems. What began as a small mining operation in a region that produced very little metal to speak of in the dense jungles, sinkholes and meandering rivers, has blossomed and grown into a significant industrial city. Mining, forges, and massive stone quarries surround the eastern side of the mountain.   One of the most striking differences between Umful and other major cities such as Hibo & Nardoon is the architecture. While most other cities in the region have sought to live in harmony with the surrounding environment, Umful has sought to master the stone and the surrounding jungle, harnessing it to its will and desires. Stone is the prominent building material and much of the city has been carved out of the very mountain side itself.  it might be expected that such a place would be primarily focused on function over form, the architect of Umful have striven to marry the two together as harmoniously as they could.  Towering arches, wide avenues, delicate stone carving and frontages are everywhere.  Often these carvings depict jungle beasts, or images related to fire and the volcano itself.  They have also mastered drainage from the wet season storm runoff and during winter storms, the mountain side has a myriad of tiny waterfalls as the excess water is channeled away from homes and streets.  The have also devised a rudimentary sewer system that is highly dependent on gravity.    Natural hot springs in the area have been harnessed for both mechanical advantages and social gathering place.  Surprisingly, in such an industrial city, great stock and store is placed in cleanliness.


Officially the city is controlled by an appointed representative who then leads a council of 6 representatives from various districts.  In actuality it is run by the three major industrial families; House Purak who control the majority of the mining done in the area, House Evame who control the 2 largest foundries, and House Boodu who are merchants and exert control over the major marketplaces.
Inhabitant Demonym
A Stone Man/Men
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