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The Slithering Way

The Slithering Way is primary trade route across the Sun Sea from which all other paths branch off. Due to the constantly shifting nature fo the desert, the route itself is in constant flux and requires scouts and skilled caravan leaders to even attempt its shifting flow. The course will take caravans across burning wastes of sharpened rocks, sudden pitfalls into sand so aerated that the smallest pebble sinks from view like on a glass pond. It reveals carved desert canyons that offer shade but at the constant risk of being buried alive under even the smallest storm. Cities and dead oasis rise to the surface and then are just as quickly lost as the sands shift and change. And still the trade route meanders and twists its way across the Sun Sea until it reaches the eastern edge and the merchant city of Komak.  From there it continues on into the Jungles of Meola until it reaches it's eastern most anchor; the city of    Each year the trade goods flow to and fro along it's great length unit the all too brief rains signal coming of the Storm Season. Then caravans do not travel but rather 'winter' in their respective oasis and await a new year and a new pathway across the desert.

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