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Outpost 83 - "Marconi Station"

Outpost 83 is a Federation station in Klingon territory, on the eastern edge of Klingon Empire space. It was established as a joint project during the Klingon-Federation alliance to help Klingons find more habitable planets and resources in this sparsely charted region of space. It is an interesting mix of Federation and Klingon design, having been expanded from an abandoned Klingon fuel depot.   Outpost 83 is in orbit over the planet Balduk, and now that it has been restored and expanded, it also serves as the primary point of contact for the indigenous people of that planet, the Balduk, a long-time Klingon client race. The Balduk are technologically modern, but have a very strongly feudal society, and insist on referring to the current commander of the station by the title of "marquis."  
Every day sees humanity more victorious in the struggle with space and time.
— Guglielmo Marconi


Although built out from an abandoned Klingon command post and deep in Klingon territory, Outpost 83 is currently administered exclusively by the Federation, as far as the Klingon Empire is concerned. The Klingons have little interest in it; is not in itself a particularly valuable or strategic prize, as it doesn't control trade or defense for the system (both of those functions coordinated by the Klingon spaceport on the surface and a series of automated defense satellites), and it is outside of the strategic "Narendra corridor" that connects the core Federation systems with its eastern frontier. There are some Klingon crew members aboard the station, including an imperial liaison, but for the most part the Empire allows the Federation crew of the station to act with autonomy. Outpost 83 does report to Starbase 364, or Narendra Station, and falls under the command of 364's commanding officer, currently Admiral April Hebert.   Interestingly, the Balduk have been given permission to establish a small embassy office on the station, so that they might deal with the Federation staff more directly.

Industry & Trade

Outpost 83's primary function is scientific research and planetary reconnaissance, and most of the station's crew is occupied in this functions to some degree. Its shuttles and runabouts are frequently deployed to chart newly discovered planets in this remote sector.   Outpost 83's other function is diplomatic. The station often serves as neutral ground in the mediation of conflicts between minor Klingon houses. Between that and the Balduk embassy on the station, some of the crew of the station are part of the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps.


Outpost 83 is a small station with few resources, its primary purposes being science and reconnaissance. It does boast a significant number of shuttle pads and small docking ports, as the original Balduk station was a primitive fuel depot dating from when Klingons were first conquering the area centuries ago. Unfortunately, it lacks the bulk cargo capacity, residential habitats, or administrative offices to service larger cargo ships or become any kind of modern trade or supply hub.   The Federation has added a fairly significant scientific testing wing to the station. The station's biggest claim to fame is that it is one of the locations where several prototype technologies that went into the construction of the new Intrepid-class starships were field tested. It has some of the best sensors in the Beta quadrant, and also enjoys a computer system partially integrated with prototype bioneural gel-packs.   The station does have a small civilian population. They have established a few shops and two restaurants on the Boardwalk, a large observation area that encircles the first deck of the Federation dome section of the station. The Boardwalk deck also features the three public holodecks on the station, one of which is almost always reserved as the 83 Below bar.


Marconi Station is a bit odd looking, to say the least. Built out from an old Klingon fuel hub, the top half is mostly large, angular docking platforms, while the bottom half is the new Federation science wing, built in the usual saucer-shaped Starfleet style.
Alternative Name(s)
Marconi Station
Orbital, Station
Roughly 150 Starfleet crew, 50 Klingon crew, and 300 civilians
Inhabitant Demonym
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