The Abesante People

Cannot Speak

The Abesante have no mouth. They cannot speak through words and instead are the only race to use telepathy in order to speak.


Telephathy is the ability to communicate mentally to others. The ability is rather limited and matches that of the human tongue. The physic voice has inflection and tone, matching that of the human tongue.
What makes it unique is the ability to produce the exact voice that a person would sent in exactly the way they planned.

This makes them some of the best singers in the entire Black Thorne.



With no mouths they are completely unable to eat food. Instead of eating they absorb nutrients directly through their skin.
There is no part of their skin is unable to take in nutrients from their toes to their fingertips.


With no toungues, taste might appear impossible, but in realitty it's simply a different understanding of the concept of taste.   Energy consumption    


They are medium to slightly taller, ranging between 1.5m to 2m, with few acceptions.

Basic Information


  • They have no traditional mouths.
  • Instead in its own way their whole body is their tongue. Able to absorb nutrients from skin.
  • They communicate telepathically and using sign language.
  • They are also able to use their ability to act out their emphatic.
  • Genetic Descendants
    70 years
    Average Height
    1.6m - 2.2m


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