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Solidifying Words


Black Air Raider culture relies directly upon the trust of other Black Air Raiders, dating back long before the Age of the Warlords. Their entire culture ran upon word of mouth, passed upon flying Raider upon Raider.

A Raider telling a lie would have been an actual disaster for the culture and eventually did put them at risk. And for the age of Warlords, leading into the Age of the Pen. Black Air Raiders started writing their history along with writing their present days.

But the word can be cheated too.

It requires effort to clean any potential danger of the Lobos(the word) and have used their priests as a means of record-keeping along with defining value.

This act has been given the name of solidifying the word.


Priests have the power to stretch beyond their individual monarchies to communicate through all of Boko-Ni-Bophi-Ma and keep from being in doubt and so they have to mark value.  


There is a huge difference between being wrong and a liar.

A priest will happily point out an inconsistency and simple wrong headedness.
But being pointed out as a liar...

Words not solidified as the truth, is one thing, but it takes a priest who puts his neck out and marks unsolidified as a lie is a great accusation. That 'lie' will always be returned to the lying Black Air Raider, reputations could easily be thrown away to nothingness.  

Not only testing a Statement

It can act as an acknowledgement. Mostly this will be an act of acknowledging art, but occationally a thought, an idea or so much as a thought process to apply credit to a family and an individual. And can even act as a type of patent, depending on the idea, thought or creation.

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