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Jzhailanje system

A solar system 40 lightyears from Earth.

The Jzhailanje system is a system roughly 8kpc from the Galactic Centre. It is home to the Shilians and its name means 'Your star'.


Seven planets, two too hot for life, 4 which support life, one with a research base.

Fauna & Flora

Opawjah - A large deep-sea fish. Ertailjya - A black bird with a blue plumage. Pwahanje - A large fish (shark) which is a common foodstuff. Arcshapojyenda- An eight-legged poisonous creature. However its legs can be eaten by many alien species. Tahdiygraf - A fungus. Ahntzharzhya - A type of fish. Cyablaro - A red and black flower. Shilmifth - An addictive plant,
Alternative Name(s)
Solar System
Included Locations

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