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Shilians are a species of sapient primates from the Jzhailanje system, known to Humans as the TRAPPIST-1 system. They are covered with a thin layer of hair, yet the hair on their heads can grow a lot longer.   They are omnivorous, with the majority of their dietary requirements being meat. They have large Found Families which consist of other adults that they are either married to or that their partners are married too, and these famlies mostly eat at a family meal together towards the end of the [tooltipas their solar system consists of seven tidally locked planets, periods of time are measures by the orbits of the two innermost planets]:Inner Orbits[/tooltip]. They have two other meals throughout the Inner Orbits, normally in smaller groups or alone.   Children are taught with the family, as they never stay in one place for long, instead moving round their planets in caravan like buildings. Shilians are the only known species which invented space travel before permanent settlements.   Their species is best known for discovering the Humans, their galactic neighbours. The discovery was reportedly accidental, as a scientist left a high zoom telescope pointed towards Sol when studying the star, which caused the first exoplanet discovery with Jupiter transiting the star. Later, whilst analysing the other planets, it is reported that the high zoom telescope was used by a member of a stellar observation group to look at the smaller planets in the system, including zooming in on Earth to see if it had any surface water to study habitable zones. Inadvertantly this lead to what is thought to be a blurry battle being observed.   Children are raised in their birth families and will normally stay with them until they find a Found Family to live with. Females have high fertility rates and often have 4 - 9 children per birth, which is thought to be why they historically lived in large families. Nowadays most females take 'Birth blockers' and often after having, on average, one or two births will undergo surgery to prevent possible pregnancies. Males also often wear protection.

Basic Information


Shilians have two arms and two legs, with 8 or 9 digits on each hand and foot. About 1/26 of the population has a second thumb on each hand, which is seen as a sign of luck.

Genetics and Reproduction

Pregnances last 6 months.

Growth Rate & Stages

Shilians have a period of infancy which lasts a couple of years. They then have a period of childhood lasting about 14 years in which they develop and start growing their hair.

Ecology and Habitats

The species evolved on Shilis , known by Humans as TRAPPIST-1e, a cold planet, and so are more adapted to cold weather. They have also colonised Tylis (TRAPPIST-1d), Zilaf (TRAPPIST-1f) and Jilazh (TRAPPIST-1g).

Dietary Needs and Habits

Shilians need to eat a lot of protein and carbohyrates. They also drink a lot of water.

Biological Cycle

The species is fertile only in the 'winter' and they give birth in the 'summer'. This is part of a drive which causes them to endlessly drive or, in the past, walk around their planets. Shilians can adapt to live on planets with day/night cycles, so long as they have a winter and summer which vaguely match their biological seasons.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

They often have red, orange or yellow eyes. They also have three darker stripes of hair on each cheek.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They can live on any terrestrial planet in locations under 26°c

Average Intelligence


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have better than average hearing and low-light perception. Their sense of touch is also better than average, although they have poor senses of smell and taste and a very low visible light range.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

They have a family name which is to do with the structure and type of family plus a given name.

Beauty Ideals

Long hair on their heads.

Courtship Ideals

It is expected for people to engage in relationships with multiple people across the gender spectrum. Engaging in relationships with a single person, or even with only one gender, is seen as odd.

Relationship Ideals

Each person can have up to 3 marriages and as many extra-maritial relationships as they want. Often the whole family lives together in large houses for warmth.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

They speak a language called Taliketh, with common regianol variations.

Common Dress Code

Shilians prefer to wear darker colours.


The species has come a long way from its days as on Shilis. Their past has been filled with intraspecies disagreements which resulted in a space race over who could land on Tilis first. This space race came to an end after they landed on not only Tilis but three other planets in their solar system, with a spaceship with roughly 1000 people on board sent to the inner planets burning up in the atmosphere. Faced with no where else to go without leaving the orbit of their star the species settled down and united to study the universe. It should be worth noting that all this happened whilst they were still living a partially nomadic lifestyle.   The species first discovered the existence of other species on about when they discovered a planet about 40 lightyears away with an alien species already settled. The species sent out a radio signal in the general direction of this planet, which they reffered to as 'Yahlahyufad', meaning 'Outer place of others' which orbits 'Jzhailyufad', meaning 'Sun of others'. The signal was not received by the inhabitants but was picked up by the Galactian Prime. The species joined the Galactian Prime at and passed their knowledge

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The species is a member of the Galactian Prime and is generally open to other species.

Ecological classification

Ambush predator

Physical classification

Major movement
Minor movement(s)

Socialogic classification

Semi expansionist
Semi collectivist

Sexual classification (average)

Major polysexual
Major multisexual homosexual


High IQ
High creativity
Mid focal

Technological level

Energy resources
Information class
Age of sexual maturity
16 years
Method of first contact
Probe, Jzhayhalah one
Jzhailanje, Kzejzhailanje, Yhalahjzhuanje
Stellar system
Places visited
Intraspecies relations
Interspecies relations
GP membership
Major languages
Major alphabets
Average auditory range
20hz - 24000hz
Maximum recorded auditory range
12hz - 24050hz
Average visual spectrum
Maximum recorded visual spectrum
Biological sex ratio (M:N:F)
Scientific Name
Jzhailanjas Zhailas Shilias
140 years
Conservation Status
No concern.
Average Height
Average Weight
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Ranges of dark browns.

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