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Galactic Centre

Content loaded! Viewing article Galactic Centre on Galactipedia in language English   This article is not to be confused with the Galactian Centre, which is a building on a planet. If everything orbited the Galactian Centre, then that would break the laws of physics as we know it.   The Galactic Centre is a supermassive black hole in the middle of the The Field of Stars. Most species evolve in an area between 4 and 10 kpc of the Galactic Centre. The Galactic Centre has a diameter of approximately 60 million kilometres.   For unknown reasons, the radio wave emissions from the black hole appear to be sourced from outside the black hole itself. There is also a gas cloud which has accreted around the Galactic Centre.   The black hole is monitored constantly from the Galactian Centre.
Alternative Name(s)
Saggitarius A*
Black Hole
Location under

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