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A Shilian ceremonial building

Oh, wow! That, watchers, is a Shilian Xehy- no, sorry, Xemyacdelah. You can see some Shilians approaching the building there... Unfortunately, this is the closest we can come, as only Shilians and members of mixed-species families with Shilians are allowed to approach and enter the Xemyacdelah, but it's really an impressive place.
— A livestream by a Dalesar streamer
  Xemyacdelahs, similar to Xehyacdelahs, are buildings in the centre of the near side of all the habitable planets of the Jzhailanje system. The name means 'Centre of the near side', 'Centre of the summer' or 'Centre of the day'. They are constructed of 8 pillars of sandstone about 7 foot high in a ring, with a roof, also made of sandstone, on top of this. Traditionally Shilians would stay in the Xemyacdelah to celebrate reaching Midsummer (Xemyac), and they and any other neighbourhoods would agree not to fight, but instead to exchange cultures, ideas, and sometimes members, most commonly young adults.   To this day the Xemyacdelahs are used as a place of celebration, as well as a meeting place for friends. Neighbourhoods still exchange members at the Xemyacdelah, and the members are still normally young adults.   The main differences between a Xemyacdelah and Xehyacdelah is that different celebrations take place at each, as well as the material they are made of.

Purpose / Function

Xemyacdelahs were built as a place where reaching Midsummer could be celebrated by multiple nieghbourhoods. Whilst in and around the Xemyacdelah neighbourhoods entered a truce, and this enabled culture, ideas and members to be exchanged. This exchange not only enabled the population to advance socially and technologically, but it also stopped inbreeding from people staying in the same neighbourhood, and also meant that young adults who were beginning to develop an internal calendar were travelling with their biological seasons.


Sandstone is used to build the pillars and the roof of the Xemyacdelah. Letters are carved into the pillars, which reminds people that they are a place of peace.
World wonder
Parent Location

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