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Welcome to Alpha, where life on the land meets life in the sea.
  Alpha is an ex-colony where Tregule space and Bierrbereies space meet. It is located on the planet known as Kalu-Bierrwa.   It was a hub of conflict during the Kalu-Bierrwa war as the original colony, for both species, was located in, or on, an Atoll.


43% Bierrbereies, 39% Tregule, 18% other species.


The local government for Kalu-Bierrwa meets in Alpha.


Fishing is a large industry in the waters, on the land the major industry is farming.   Metal ores can be found abundantly below the surface, not that the majority of the population seems to care about this.


The Alpha ringrail is a vactrain railway which travels along the main area of land. There is also the Alpha arcrail which is another vactrain railway which travels along the secondary area of land.

Guilds and Factions

Alpha is the home of the Kalu-Bierrwa regional government. Its current representative in the Galactian Parliament is a member of the Galactian reform party, which aims to free colony systems of the influence of their founding systems entirely, instead of setting up Commonwealth-style organisations.


Alpha was the first colony of both the Bierrberreis and the Tregule. Historically there were 20 different areas of the settlement. As the Tregule landed on the land of the Atoll and the Bierrberreis in the water at what is thought to be roughly the same time, the 10 Bierrberreis territories and 10 Tregule territories that make up the settlement were the sites of a major war between the Bierrberreis and Tregule. The war resulted in many deaths from both sides, but eventually, the two species, along with some other species, set up an organisation to share their technology, knowledge and culture peacefully and to avoid further war amongst the intelligent life in the galaxy. Nowadays there are 10 territories jointly owned by the two species, and the planet is the only planet which is a member of two different commonwealths.


Most land buildings are, where suitable, log cabins made of natural wood. The houses are spaced out in traditional Tregule architecture.   In the waters, there are no traditionally noticeable forms of architecture, having evolved in the waters, the Bierrberreis forms of 'architecture' are more like sections of the sea which are marked of by a chemical secreted by the species.   Due to other species generally being unable to see or smell this chemical, like most places the Bierrberreis now mark this off with compressed sand or ice-7. These structures are normally cubes.


Atoll, Moslty flat low-lying land.

Natural Resources

Water, wood.


  • Map of Kalu Bierrwa - ALPHA
Alternative Name(s)
Farula, Aowbri
National Territory
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
Galactian Prime

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