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The peaceful greenery stretched as far as the eye could see. The cities on this moon were spread out like no other cities I've ever seen. And the people! Graceful beings stretching their necks up to the trees to eat the twigs and leaves.
— Unknown
  The Tregule are a sapient species from the Ostus system , known to Humans as the HD 219134 system. They come from a moon orbiting the fifth planet of their system. Despite their rather long neck, which can be extended by about 10 inches and the small horns often hidden by their hair, they look rather human.   They are herbivourous and are one of the few sapient species that can eat twigs. They are known to be a very sociable energetic species. On Opa, their homemoon, and also the rest of their system and beyond, Tregule often eat their food off the trees that they grow in their gardens. This is often done in public view, and can disgust some species due to the action of 'dislocating' their head.   It is unknown how exactly the Tregule manage to do this, even to Tregule scientists. Theories suggest that their muscular necks (the muscles of which are behind them when not in use) contain some sort of electrolyte which allows them to move whilst their skull is disconnected from their spinal cord.   Tregule eat 4 medium sized meals a day and drink less than humans.   Tregule enter into relationships with one or two people of their preferential gender, however when a female Tregule is fertile they will normally have sex with a group of males, regardless of their normal sexual preferences, due to the species' general low fertility but high chance of multiple births. A female will probably become fertile 1-3 times in their life, yet most births produce between 3 and 6 children   Children are raised by their fathers and their family, often the father, their partner(s), and one family members parents. The only circumstances where children would not be raised by their Nursery Family but rather by their Birth Family is if the father is not part of a family, doesn't want children, is absent, dead or has been deemed unfit to raise children. About 1% of Tregule children are raised this way for any part of their childhood. However, 12% of children are raised in families which are both their Nursery Family and Birth Family.

Basic Information


Tregule have two long legs, two long arms, are quite muscular.

Genetics and Reproduction

Gestation lasts 16 months.

Growth Rate & Stages

They go through several life stages, a toddler stage lasting 3 years where their horns form and they are reliant on adults, a childhood stage lasting 10 years in which they develop their neck muscles, an adolescant stage where they begin to undergo sexual dimorphism (until this point Tregule children are sexless, with their sex determined partially by genes, partially by environment) lasting either 4 or 5 years, a postadolescent stage where they begin to become fertile, an adulthood where they are able to reproduce and finally a postadulthood stage where fertility in males stops and in females decreases.

Ecology and Habitats

They're adapted to live in temperatures around 20-40 celcius in areas which would be described as Savanna. They can also survive in forests and grassland.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Twigs, leaves, buds and other plant parts.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Tregule often live in extended families, often with about 10-20 members. They have very strong social bonds within their family, especially with those their own age. Tregule are often taught with members of their family by a teacher until they reach age 13, where they go to school with others their age.   However Tregule mostly have no family ties with their Birth Family, with very few children wanting to even meet their mothers (mothers often feel the same way in return). They often only look up their familial records when it concerns attempts to stop accidental occurances of incest.

Facial characteristics

Tregule have two eyes, which are often either blue, green or brown. They also have relatively small noses, rounded ears, and an averae sized mouth.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Tregule mostly live in all but the poles of their moon, and the four other moons orbiting Oke. They also live in the polar regions of Neti's moons, and own the Alsu system and it's planet.

Average Intelligence

IQ 90

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Average eyesight, average hearing and good sense of smell.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

There is little difference between male or female names, with the only difference being the last letter of their name (u - female, o - male, e - neutral (children, those with different chromosomes than normal). Gender does not come into names, with the last letter only indicating biological sex.

Beauty Ideals

Tall, with long necks.

Gender Ideals

The Tregule have no solid gender ideals outside of prospective fathers having to show their willingness to protect their children.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships should be between two or more consenting adults, or two or more consenting postadolescents.

Major Language Groups and Dialects



The Tregule have a relatively calm history, with very few was beyond small scurmishes. This allowed them to advance through working together and it is estimated that they left their moon before even the Shillians and Bierrberries.   Roughly 100 years before the Galactian Prime was extablished they laid claim to a planet orbiting a nearby solar system, arriving shortly before the Bierrbereies . This planet, known now as Kalu-Bierrwa, was claimed as Kalu by the Tregule and Bierrwa by the Bierrbereies . This war is the bloodiest in Tregule history, with 10000 people dying.   Interestingly, Tregule will not eat animals, yet will use them for other purposes. For instance, primitive Tregule bone tools were used, allowing the species to develop further than they probably would have. It is also thought that they discovered fire by accident, and spent the next few millenia developing heating methods which did not involve setting trees on fire.   As Tregule do not need artificial heat for living (on cold nights and in cold places they prefer to huddle together for warmth) fires, and later other exothermic reactions, were only used to create better tools and houses. Cloths and clothes are made from animal hide or wool, somethign which many evolved societies soon moved past preferring to grow plants for this purpose (though wool is still widely in use)

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Tregule still host bad feelings towards the Bierrbereies, however they are fully accepting of all other sapient species and so far their final votes on which species can join the Galactian Prime have always been 'Yes'

Famous Tregule

Oscetu Heschi, Science officer, Contact-2 mission Clareto Schawarli, Politician, co-founder of the Galactian Prime
Scientific Name
Ostusis Oluir Treguler
130 years
Conservation Status
Considered vulnerable to extinction
Average Height
6ft-6ft4, with their neck extended they average at about 7ft.
Average Weight
90-100 kg
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Body colours range from pink to brown, they have darker stripes down their back.

Ecological classification

Ambush predator

Physical classification

Major movement
Minor movement(s)

Socialogic classification

Extreme extrovert
Semi individualist

Sexual classification (average)

Minor polysexual
Minor multisexual homosexual


High IQ
High creativity
Low focal

Technological level

Energy resources
Information class
Age of sexual maturity
20 years
Method of first contact
Delegates, crew of the Erkalu
Ostus, Kalu-Bierrwa,
Stellar system
Places visited
Intraspecies relations
Interspecies relations
GP membership
Major languages
Major alphabets
Average auditory range
16hz - 18000hz
Maximum recorded auditory range
12hz - 20000hz
Average visual spectrum
Maximum recorded visual spectrum
Biological sex ratio (M:N:F)

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