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Clareto Schawarli

Tregule politician

Tes Clareto Schawarli

Fighting a war for peace is like [UNTRANSLATED] for virginity. The only way to ensure peace between our people is to unite together
— Clareto Schawarli's address to the people of the soon-to-be-formed Galactian Prime
  Clareto Schawarli was a politician and co-founder of the Galactian Prime. They were the Tregule representative of the Galactian Prime until their assassination.   Schawarli was a member of the Liberty Of Life party from the age of 23, becoming their leader after five years with the party, meaning that they were the leader of the Opposition of the Court during the Kalu-Bierrwa war. In contrast to the leader of the Future Of All party, Schawarli's opinions and policies were virulently anti-war. Having grown up in Schwaskaki, a town in northern Opa during the War of the Sky, one of the few Tregule wars in recorded history, Schawarli knew from first-hand experience that wars brought about not peace, but anguish.   Towards the end of the war, Liberty Of Life won the Tregule All Worlds Election, and Schawarli began peace talks with the [Bierrbereies and a few other intelligent species, managing to set up the Galactian Prime, and for their work with promoting peace across the galaxy, was nominated for a Virtuity prize for Peace.   Unfortunately, Schawarli was assassinated by a group of cross-species rebels, known as the Exodans, shortly afterwards.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Schawarli was generally healthy, exhibiting a large amount of insulating fat, even for someone from the north of Opa.

Identifying Characteristics

They had a tattoo of a Yamuto on their shoulder.

Physical quirks


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Schawarli grew up during the War of the Sky in Schwaskaki. Unusually for a Tregule, especially of their time, their Birth and Nursery family were the same. The family consisted of 8 adults, 3 postadults and 13 children/adolescents. They were taught by one of Schwaskaki's top teachers, Farede Coleni, for five years, until they were targeted by a drone. After this, the family took over their children's education, originally hiding the terrible truth from the younger children. Schawarli was horrified both by how a Tregule could set a machine upon another of their kind and how his family decided to hide the truth from them and their siblings.  
Technology is not to blame for the deaths of our fellows. Had drones not existed, then [the opposing side] would have killed us by their own hand.
— Clareto Schwarli's first political address as leader of Liberty Of Life

Gender Identity





At the age of 13, Schawarli attended the Schwakaki School of Science, studying mathematics, physics and computing. It was only after many members of the upper years of the school were targeted with drones that they decided to go into politics. They completed their studies, and then applied to study history, law and politics as an older student at the Opa Collegiate of the Humanities, before studying politics and history at degree level.


Schawarli joined the Liberty Of Life party at the age of 26.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Schawarli was one of the founding members of the Galactian Prime.

Mental Trauma

Had witnessed the deaths of several members of their school.

Personality Characteristics


Wanted to bring peace to a warring galaxy
Lawful good
Circumstances of Death
Assassinated by Exodans
Long black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pink, with pinkish-brown stripes.
Quotes & Catchphrases
The senators, both of our senators, think they know everything, but they know nothing, that is why Tregule and Bierrbereies blood mingles on the shoreline
If we continue fighting this war we could wipe out not only ourselves but the entirety of the galaxy.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Guloli, Schwaskati, Atakasta.

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1. First thing I'll say is that whilst the background picture is really cool, it makes reading the article a little difficult on the eye. Something a bit less busy might help fix that.   2. Ha ha "untranslated" I like that. Safe for work but you definitely get the idea. Found that very amusing, and very clever!   3. You do well to define your terms. You have links for further reading but you give enough in here for the whole thing to make sense to the reader, which I really appreciate. Very often writers will just expect you to familiarise yourself with all the material in the world for any given setting which not everyone has time for, so kudos there.   4. This is one of the shorter articles, but it doesnt feel it. You give a very good image of what is going on, who this person is and why they are in a position of power. Nothing better than a concise article!

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Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

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