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The Order of Felgarth

Hierarchy of Primary Leaders

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Living completely off the grid from civilization, the people of Felgarth do not rely on any form of currency. Their wealth resides with knowledge and wisdom.  

Cities, Towns & Villages

Aside from the temple, Felgarth, the order has various hidden structures built around the world.  

War Vessels

With no interest in political war, the order holds a neutral ground and does not own any war vessels that are known.


The History of the Order of Felgarth.   The Origin
Established as a last sanctuary during the war in the late 200s, Felgarth was the last stand of the Order of Arcanum. Built high up in the mountains, the mages fought until their ultimate demise at the hand of the empire. It was left in ruins for over a millennium.
  The Discovery of the Felgarth Temple
The temple of Felgarth was rediscovered by a young scholar by the name of Vazayus Uuthar in the mid-1600s. With the assistance of Elvanor, Vazayus rebuilt the ancient temple, creating the Order of Felgarth. However, instead of dedicating the temple to war, it was repurposed to be a temple of history where scholars could come to study. Felgarth was eventually noticed by travelers but would be known as a temple of scholars. Elvanor’s involvement remained a secret. Vazayus would become the first High Elder of the Felgarth Order.
  The Practice of Ancient Arts
As time passed, Felgarth would eventually become a front for Elvanor, in which scholars with an aptitude for magic could be molded. Since magic was hidden from the general population of the world, a screening process would be conducted before the scholar would be taken to the Inner Sanctum. The Inner Sanctum was the heart of Felgarth, a place where the mages would study the elements. The people of Felgarth would dedicate themselves to unraveling the mysteries of the world.
  Spoilers from the Scourge of the East
High Elder Vazayus Uuthar is killed by Errynaya Anarious during the return of Lord Anarious in 1714. Lord Aethos Stormcaller is assigned to take over Felgarth as the new High Elder of the Order.

Alliance & Relations

The Order of Felgarth has relationships with various orders.

Technological Level

In terms of clothing and structures, Felgarth is many years behind civilization with their ragged robes and simplistic lifestyles.

The mysteries of the world rests with us.

Secret, Occult
Parent Organization

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