The Order of Elvanor

Hierarchy of the Order

  • Grandmaster
  • Master
  • Arch Magister/Magus
  • Grand Magister/Magus
  • High Magister/Magus
  • Magister (Specializes in Elemental Magic) / Magus (Specializes in Arcane Magic)
  • Acolyte
  • Novitiate


  • High Elder – (A powerful mage who is leading an order of their own)
  • Elder – (A powerful mage who has been with the order for a long time)
  • Archmage – (Arch Magus/Arch Magister and above) – Title for those with great powers
  • Warlock (Male) / Witch (Female) – Practitioner of Dark Magic
  • Sorcerer (Male) / Sorceress (Female) – Practitioner of Light Magic
  • Mage (Neutral) – Title for anyone practicing magic



Their wealth resides with knowledge and wisdom.  

Cities, Towns & Villages

There are various establishments ruled by Elvanor such as Felgarth .


Prominent events from Elvanor's history.   The Reconstruction
After the fall of the initial Order, Elvanor was rebuilt at the heart of the Aewyth mountains. There was a secluded valley, untouched by humankind, which had been the home to the ancient dragonkin. The natural barriers consisted of tall mountain chains, leaving only a hidden passage through a cave system. The people of Elvanor idealized this place. It had rivers, grasslands, forests. It was a whole habitat untouched by civilization.   The Order was able to rise from the ashes and rebuild in this valley. Over the years, new structures were built, temples dedicated to the fallen dragons, and the great citadel that was constructed on the Spire. The Spire was an area within the valley that had strong ties to the old world, and with time it would become a sanctuary for the mages of Elvanor.
  A Home for Mages
With their own cultures and a working society, Elvanor continued to grow for the centuries to come. As a result of the incident that led to the annihilation of their old home, the mages swore to a pact of secrecy. Elvanor and the existence of magic would remain with them. The outside world would need to be kept in the dark.   However, in the early 500s, a new law was written. Highly trained mages were allowed to begin a search for individuals with potential to become a force of good. After venturing out to all corners of the world, the numbers began to grow much faster than anticipated.   In order to keep living in the valley, duties were assigned to everyone who was part of the Order. They would need to learn how to grow crops and perform general farming activities that would contribute to the greater good. Professions as well began to take off, with tailors, leatherworkers, chefs, jewelers, and so on. It was important that they were able to contribute to growing the Order, and maintain a good way of life. Outside currency played no part in here, instead each person had their own set of tasks that they performed for the faction. And in return, they were able to study the Ancient Arts and become mages of Elvanor.
  Structure and Society
At the start of the 700s, a new structure was established within the Order. This was created to divide groups of people into different categories based on their level of skill.   The first rank was given to all newcomers of the Order, and it was called Novitiate. This group of people would be confined to a specific area in the valley, known as Shaevorth’s Proving Grounds. The place was walled off and guarded as Novitiates would not be allowed to leave here during their trials. A High Magister/Magus would be put in charge to oversee the recruits. This process would take about one to two years.   Once the Novitiates passed their trials, they would be given the title of Acolyte. With this rank, they would be able to traverse freely across the valley and enter most temples. Additionally, the Acolytes would be allowed to choose a school of magic they would devote their lives to. From now on, they were assigned to classes of that specific path with teachers who would follow them for the years to come. This school would last between five to ten years depending on how fast the mage’s skill would evolve.   After years of hard work, when the Acolytes were ready to ascend, they would take on the Trial of Kyloth. This was a difficult ascension that contained life threating obstacles to overcome. Once the Acolytes completed this examination, they would become a Magister/Magus of Elvanor. A Magister was the rank given to those who studied the Elements, while the ones who had taken on the mysteries of the Arcane would become a Magus. At this point in life, they would be able to take on new assignments that were out in the world, such as uncovering relics, deal with threats, and so on. This stage would be considered the base of any mage. From here on out, it was entirely up to the Magister/Magus to decide how to proceed in their teachings. The ranks above were roles that involved becoming teachers at Elvanor, and required many more years of study. For the average mage, Magister/Magus would be the end of the line when it came to the Elvanor hierarchy. However, that only concluded the years of school. There were many more assignments to take on, and evolve further within the Order.   The Order of Elvanor functions with a council of Elders making the decisions. There are six council members and one council master that controls the Order. The Council Master is considered the leader of Elvanor and is the one who is tasked with ascensions, ceremonies, and so on. The Council of Elvanor holds an election among themselves every twelve years, in which one of them are chosen to represent the Order.
  The Branches of Elvanor
Around the late 11th century, Elvanor had become aware of other magic orders co-existing out in the world. Having worked hard to keep the existence of magic away from the general population, these new groups were posing a threat to everything they stood for. Something had to be done. As of the beginning of the 12th century, a diplomatic branch was established, which would deal with a variety of concerns. Emissaries of Elvanor was sent out to these Orders to negotiate an alliance treaty, in which these Orders would exist as a part of Elvanor. The forces of Elvanor had grown to vast numbers, and smaller Orders were given an ultimatum to either be part of the union or to be forcefully removed.   Over the course of the next few centuries, Elvanor established itself as the pillar of magical orders throughout the world.
Being the protectors of the ancient arts, Elvanor are firm believers that the magical aspect of the world needs to remain secret from the general population. As a way to make sure nobody reveals the arts, scouts are sent out to the different towns, cities, and to generally large, populated areas to look for magic users. When an individual is spotted using magic or attempting rituals, the scouts will approach them with either an offer to surrender their old life and become a part of the order or be forcefully removed. Additionally, children that are born in Elvanor will be groomed to become a mage.
  Trials of the Novitiates
The trials the novitiates must undergo are all about understanding how magic affects the world around them. They will not select a path before becoming an Acolyte, but instead will be taught about each aspect of magic. The trials will conclude when the novitiate is able to perform a ritual to completion. They’re able to tackle the ritual as early as six months in, but it is highly advised to study for a further two years to be able to fully understand how it works. The ritual comes with the risk of death if performed incorrectly, which is why it usually takes one to two years before anyone completes it.

Alliance & Relations

The Order of Elvanor has built relationships with various magical orders.

The Council of Elvanor

The leaders of the Order of Elvanor.
Theron Kin'thalos is the current Council Master of Elvanor.



The School Hierarchy

Information on the school structure.



Technological Level

While not relying on the common currency, Elvanor still holds a prominent position within the current technology. With a mix of Elven & Human culture, Elvanor has magnificent and unique structures while dressing in elegant outfits.

In the Light of the Natural Order.

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