The Holy Syndicate

Hierarchy of Primary Leaders

  • Vessel of the True God
  • Champion of the True God
  • Crusader of the True God
  • Crusader


Prominent events from the Holy Syndicate's history.   The Syndicate of the True God
After the reconstruction of Elvanor, devotees of the True God created an order called the Holy Syndicate. It was a place for those who worshipped the deity, as well as a way to remember the past. While the name “Quen’siran” was fading from memory, the existence and purpose of the True God would be forever sacred.
  The Divinity of the True God
At the turn of the millennia, the Holy Syndicate initiated a new rule that would be enforced by the guardians of Elvanor. Divine Magic was a representation of the True God, and as such, it should only be practiced by the deity’s followers. With time, the students of Divine Magic would split apart from the rest. They would be revered as upper-class, which would eventually create animosity between the students of the other magic groups.
  A New Dawn
In the early 18th century, the Holy Syndicate was reformed and expanded to become the crusaders of Elvanor. This structural change proved to be difficult for many as the Holy Syndicate was centered around the True God, and as such, it did not recognize Kyloth or any other deity. This would cause conflict within the ranks in the coming years. However, the change was needed as the war continued to escalate. The members of the Syndicate would now be referred to as crusaders. Sworn brothers and sisters fighting towards a common goal. To protect and fight for the order of Elvanor.

Alliance & Relations

The Holy Syndicate relations overview.

In service of the True God

Religious, Holy Order
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization

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