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The Traveler of the Green Rock Plains

Small children question whether the Traveler can find them, but that is an essential part of the legend, that the Traveler is so steeped in the magic of this world that if indeed they do exist, it is a matter of course that they can indeed find every child. In fact, I find it strange that they question this, when the Nadjana Scouts exist, and not the fact that the Traveler is apparently immortal, a feat which no other being on this world has yet managed to accomplish.
— A Basadeiian treatise
  The Traveler of the Green Rock Plains is a legend that has spread across the world, but is still specified to operate specifically out of this one small area. Some people claim the Traveler is a variation on one of the Low Gods and connected to that mythology, while others claim this person to be entirely a mortal and coming along much later.   The Traveler is meant to be a Weinadi who travels across the world, based out of their secret hideaway base in the Green Rock Plains, who brings Amdzha Crystal lights to children in the dark. This idea originated when most weinadi still lived on the surface in small homes close to the ground, but it was popularized once the population began moving more underground, with the obvious dearth of light.   After a child has received such a light, usually carved into a cunning shape of some kind, it is customary to leave traveler's rations outside so that the next time the Traveler passes by, they'll be resupplied. Some children will even leave weatherproofed water bottles or extra bags.


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