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Taheji's Wall

The Weinadi generally exist fairly close to the ground. The Garruw for generations prevented them from being able to even consider going higher. The skies were out of their domain, and the mountains and hills were generally populated with Garruw places of residence.   Times have since changed, but the affinity for structures low to the ground remain, with one exception. The weinadi, at least those of Wulei Ranifa, highly value a wide variety of coming-of-age ceremonies, so to speak. There are a number of different milestones worth celebrating, from the simple to the highly specialized, that are marked with particular ceremony and activity.   One of the few that is noted as something separate from all other activities, where the ceremony itself is the thing of honor, to be undertaken by any who deem themselves worthy, is to sign Taheji's wall. It's located on a mountainside near the heart of what is known as Agariyar territory, near the top of that particular mountain. It's not the highest, but it is particularly sheer and difficult to climb, and narrow enough that the garruw never properly settled there.   The mountain itself is carved with countless names of the weinadi who were able to make the climb. Most alive will never see it, and those who do only remember their own name in record, and rarely take note of others. If they do, it is someone unknown. The map is millennia old, so much so that it may be surmised that some of the names being recorded now are in fact replacing older ones worn away by the passage of time.   Even the name of the wall itself is difficult to place, because the name is used commonly by both the Basadu and the Dheizei, and it's a commonly unisex name.
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