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Sugar Smuggler

Sugar smugglers, or "Liriabu", is a particular profession that only shows up in Hajema , because it's the only place where there's sugar valuable enough to steal.   There are some concerns that the bacteria the mold consumes would actually harm other biospheres if introduced. This is actually not a thing (the bacteria is present in most lower spheres, and there are other conditions that allow Sugar Mold to grow where it does), but it has been an effective idea in limiting the trade of sugar mold, and has allowed the sugar moguls to shut down all trade of Sugar Mold outside of their own official, carefully regulated channels.   When people got tired of paying the inflated prices of the unusual sugar, the career of smuggler was born. It's not a particularly well organized career, with each smuggler generally working with a small group of allies to do their jobs. They tend to be friendly toward each other, but like every illicit career, there are those who might attempt to make their own monopoly.



A willingness to skirt the law, a history of travel, knowledge of back routes, and a good dentist.

Other Benefits

Depends on whether or not the smuggler in question has a sweet tooth. If they do, candy galore.



They smuggle out the processed sugar mold, thus fulfilling society's need for a really concentrated sugar that tastes a little weird.

Social Status

While the sugar moguls of Hajema see them as dastardly criminals, the majority of the world (and even ordinary citizens within Hajema) see them as Robin Hood type heroes, giving something good to the people.


Provided Services

Processing unrefined sugar mold, removal of product from Hajema, transportation to the intended delivery location
Alternative Names
Luxury good held in artificial high demand by its normal producers
Technically sugar smuggling is illegal all over, but it's only heavily enforced around Hajema.


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