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Heart Seed

This is the direct translation of the Dheizeiian term "nate raowe". The heart seeds are a kind of tree that grows so densely and compactly that they weight quite a lot. They call it the heart seed because it looks exactly like a larger version of the initial seeds, an oblong brown shape that comes to a point, shaped a lot like an egg.   That initial seed is preserved quite well, actually, and is contained at the heart of the nate raowe. Their root bulbs spread shockingly far for such a small appearing plant.   In a lot of Weinadi use, they use nate raowe in much the same use as a similarly sized chunk of stone. For carving, for counterweights, for all kinds of things. Not usually for burning, because they're so dense that they take a really long time to catch properly and once they do they tend to burn so hot that it's uncomfortable but also really useful for forging.   The wood itself is somewhat smooth on the outside, and is notoriously difficult to cut into, as might be expected.   It's most commonly used by the Dheizei, as it doesn't grow properly in the underground gardens of the Basadu, or on the mountain slopes of the Yagupa. The seeds can still be planted, but the trees grow less compactly, extending branches, growing a normal amount of roots.   They craft them into weights for their tents, and into tent pegs and other things that need to be incredibly strong, while conceding to the fact that the Dheizei way of life doesn't really lend itself to usual metalcraft.


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