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Code of Valonia

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Any big nation needs some sort of legislative system, and the Valonian have no exception.

All important laws everyone has to follow to create equality and peace to the Valonians, is written into the neverending code of laws.

Adding Laws

Every weekend or any possible crisis, they would meet at House of Wisdom to consult/discuss about the empire's issue to establish laws. When the solution was clear, the king would decided if it should be enacted into law. If passed, it would be announced to the public within a few days before written into the code of law.


It's the set of laws to state the rights and duties of the Valonian citizen.   The new tablet will be engraved by hired guy, so the percise result is gauranteed.

Document Structure


A series of scrolls contains both civil laws and criminal laws, categorized into several cetegory with its content and panelty. Codified by the senate and signed by the ruler.

Notable Laws

  • The usage of Sart as an offical currency.
  • The right of believing in any religion unless if it could damage the state or other religion as well.
  • The ownership of Catastropium, both the gem and inventions.
  • The minimum age to be Gunner Legion is 18.


  • Fine
  • Beaten
  • Jailed
  • Banished
  • Cruxified
  • Executed


The content on documents will last as long as the government exists.

If not, the mains law engraved on metal tablets installed at the Statue of Wisdom and the House of Wisdom would keep people in its way.

Publication Status

To provides the basis for the rule of laws for everyone under Valonian, it has to be known by citizens of Valonian through public annoucement, forum/notice, court, and police

Legal status

No civilian allowed to own the documents without permission. Whoever steal these one of the code would be resulted to death.

Historical Details


The code has been updated constantly for over centuries, since it's just a rushful single-page sheet known as Val's Manifesto written in the early day of nation. Since then, The document keep its format and now there're 20 issues written and sorted.

Though many laws had changed, the principle of citizen right, still the same.


A Scroll by Adcheryl

Val's manifesto, the first code in the kingdom.
Text, Legislative
Ratification Date
399 BVE (1st issue)
27 VE (20th Issue)
Signatories (Organizations)

Complex for Commons

As the law become more complicated over time, not everyone don't have to remember all laws to living their life. That's the job for the Jurist, who's responsible for any people's daily conflict. The amount of pays they earned depend on their fame gained by successful traits as well as local reputation.

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