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Southern Mountainfolk

Southern Mountainfolk are the inhabitants of the Southern Mountains (also known as Tatry). For the majority of their history, they have lived in the Duchy of the Mountains, a country under the joint governance of the Queendom of Esteria and the Kingdom of the Eagle. Their overlords have exploited the Duchy and its people for resources while giving very little in return.


Due to living in the mountains the Southern Mountainfolk has always lived in almost completely isolated clans in the valleys. Even the creation of the Duchy of the Mountains didn't change that. To most Mountainfolk the Duchy is a foreign body and they don't identify with it as theirs. At most, it is just another place to conduct conflicts between clans. For most of the Duchy's history clan representatives at the capital were fighting with each other for which clan should have the ducal throne.

Main Clans

  • Clan of Iron - a clan known for its metalworking and artisans.
  • Clan of Trees - a clan known for its tracking and hunting skills. It is said that members of this clan have an innate attunement with the natural world.
  • Clan of Swords - a clan known for the best warriors in the Southern Mountains.
  • Clan of Stars - the most magically gifted of the clans.

  • Aside from these four clans, there are many other smaller clans. Many of these clans pledge allegiance to one of the four main clans. Additionally, legends tell of a mysterious Clan of Shadows which remains independent from the Duchy. It is said that members of that clan practice shadow magic.

    Mountain Rebellions

    Throughout history, the Southern Mountainfolk tried to break the shackles of their more powerful neighbours several times. Every time they failed. Some people say that if the Mountainfolk were united during a rebellion they could have won. However, the animosities between clans have always made unity impossible to achieve. Kingdom of the Eagle and the Queendom of Esteria always used those animosities to their advantage. In most rebellions, very few forces from either of the overlord countries had to actually enter the Duchy.

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