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Humans are currently the only sapient species in Terra Nova. They first appeared in the world about 1150 years ago as the result of a magical phenomenon which transported them here from Earth, a technologically advanced world without magic. As most of their technology stopped working upon reaching Terra Nova they struggled to get used to their new lives. Historians estimated that about 1/4 of the transported population died due to hunger, cold and disease.


Survival of so many humans after their sudden arrival to Terra Nova was in part due to their great adaptability to new situations. They quickly started to organize themselves into groups to gather food, defend against the wildlife and support the weaker ones. Some historians say that this adaptability was also the reason why humans were able to master magic despite coming from a world without magic. One of theories says that they attuned themselves to the new world and felt the magic.


Community has always been important to humans. Even the most individualistic of them admit that they need other people to survive. That need for community has become very important and big in the first few years after arrival. Groups survived only when people were working together.

A group of people in coats sitting around a campfire in a forest
First Humans by Made with MidJourney by KajetanWrites
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens sapiens
70 years
Average Height
1.6 - 1.7 meters
Average Weight
60 - 80 kg
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