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Many people are not treating Esterian knights seriously because they are women. That is a mistake. These knights are equally skilled, or more, in combat as any man
— Knight from the Inherited Empire

Esterians are the primary culture living in the Queendom of Esteria. They are a matriarchal and matrilineal culture. As such almost all positions of power are filled by women. Such a unique state of things is closely related to the origins of the culture and the Queendom. They came to be from a group that didn't agree with the views of Alexander the First, founder of the Inherited Empire, on humanity being the inheritors of the elves. The core of this group, and its most vocal members, were mostly women. When female leadership of the group has cemented itself, such a model started to spread throughout the modern-day lands of the Queendom.


Shared customary codes and values

  • Devotion to queen and Esther
  • Community
  • Matriarchy
  • Family
  • Birth & Baptismal Rites

    Esterians don't have any special birth rites. There is no need for any ceremonial acknowledgement of a child being part of the family as it is a matrilineal culture. Esterians follow the rule "mother is always certain". Additionally, due to the cultural importance of family it is frowned upon to abandon a child after birth.

    Giving of a name also isn't ritualized. Esterians don't put much into the meaning and power of names. For them a name is just a personal thing and as names are chosen by parents alone.

    Coming of Age Rites

    Upon reaching the age of 18 years old children take part in a ceremony which solidifies their ties to their mother's family. From that moment they are allowed to use their family name in formal situation instead of just saying "son/daughter of...". Additionally, as a sign of entering adulthood, they are given a family heirloom from their mother.

    Historical figures

  • Esther - one of the founders of the Queendom. After praying in elven ruins she ascended to godhood and became the main deity of the Esterians.
  • Althea II and Isidora - twin princesses who fought each other during the War of Two Sisters. Althea was the winner and became the new queen
  • Ideals

    Courtship Ideals

    As Esterians are a matriarchal culture, it is the woman who is expected to be the more active side during courtship. Also, when the time comes to propose marriage the woman is doing it and the man is only saying yes or no.

    Relationship Ideals

    Traditionally, Esterian relationships are female-dominated. The woman is the one who provides for the family while the man takes care of the house. The only exception is during the time following birth of a child. Husband is expected to temporarily take over his wife's tasks.

    Major Organizations

    The majority of Esterians lives in the Queendom of Esteria, but there are some communities in other countries. The biggest esterian community outside the Queendom is in the Inherited Empire. The main reasons for this are trade relations and wars.

    Other Esterian organizations include the Church of Esther and the Sisterhood of Blades.

    Encompassed species
    Related Organizations


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