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All of the numerous lands discovered, every stretch of open air, even the Ocaen below, lies within Teria. It is the world as we know it, and as we don't know it. There is much within and beyond Vacsoma and Murcala that is hidden from even our most expansive maps.   The creation of Teria is an uncertain topic. Tal is believed to have formed the earthly lands after Calaest and El, as is said in the official doctrine of Talanos. But this is far from a proven truth, so us scholars can only guess.


There are two main components of this world: Crysana and the Ocaen. Crysana is where the islands reside in the sky, while the Ocaen is a vast stretch of water that spans one end of Teria to another, unbroken and undisturbed (by land, that is; sea monsters may lurk in its depths).
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