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871, Haetas 1st

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When considering Teria as a whole, one must talk of the two realms contained within: Crysana and the Ocaen.   Floating above the vast Ocaen below, Crysana houses all known lands from the largest island to the smallest isle. Only through the words of Tal do we know that the islands are held in the air by great magical crystals the size of mountains, put there by Tal himself to distinguish humanity from the turmoil below.   Of the Ocaen, little is known. We can only look down from above and wonder what wondrous and terrible life may live in the waters covering everything. No land has ever been seen below, but some believe there to be parts of the Ocaen underneath the islands that no human as seen and returned alive from.   Many peoples have gazed out into the void between islands, feeling the open air lash against their skin, dreaming of some way to cross the gaps. The Etherians realized this dream nearly a millennia gone by use of the same crystals holding up the islands. First, they merely explored other lands, but that became colonization and conquering. Now, the Etherian Empire rules over a fourth of all known lands, headed by the Immortal Emperor Taetysares.  

A Note

For those not learned in the Etherian tongue, there are certain titles denoting geographic places that need defining, lest you be confused. They are as follows:   - Corumo: Grassland   - Manelo: Forest/Jungle   - Hituelo: River   - Uelo: Lake   - Raemao: Mountains   There are no titles for deserts, scorched, tundras, or plateaus.