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871, Haetas 1st

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Teria is a world of floating continents. Every bit of land, no matter how small or large, is flying about two miles in the sky, anchored by magical Crystals the size of mountains. The conditions on the islands are similar to Earth due to the planet's temperature being higher and its atmosphere being thicker. The actual surface of the planet is covered in a worldwide ocean with deep trenches under each continent.   The Etherian Empire, larger than Earth's ancient Rome, rules a fourth of all land on Teria. Heading it is Emperor Taetysares, a 137 year old man with nigh unlimited magical power. With his leadership, the Empire is constantly expanding, while the world is becoming more opposed to it.   There are eight major continents: Eiwira, Aiqarea, Murkal, Icledia, Iokia, Vaxomos, Zibachahl, and Trorsecca. Between the continents are huge gaps of air, preventing people from traversing the distances easily. Also, some sections between continents are full of inhabitable scorched islands.   A note: all of the information in this section is based off of Etherian knowledge.


  • Map of Biome Map of the Above

    This is not a map made by any civilization, but just all the islands that humanity has explored or knows about. Biomes are included as an extra amount of detail.