The Arborvast

The Arborvast is, as the name implies, an enormous deciduous forest region. It is the amalgamation of several distinct smaller forests including the Giantwood, Harbor Forest and Gallantine, stretching from the Ravenwood on the eastern edge of the Borderland Marches all the way to the Heatherlands several hundred miles into the Wild Wasteland. Within its leafy copses are several mountain ranges and a number of settlements under no specific rule other than local warlords; the region once belonged to the Realm but was lost in wars against the Empires of Silk and Spice, and now the Realm can barely project the forces necessary to hold a sliver of it along the Ravenwood's boundary.   As such, the lands are lawless and dangerous for travel; the best that either the Realm or the Empires can manage is a string of guardposts and picket forts along an elevated trade road running mostly east to west across the entire Wild Wastes, but bandit raids are common and only the best armed trade caravans can make the journey with a reasonable guarantee of safety. This of course adds significantly to the cost of trade goods and does nothing to help the peaceful but strained relations between the Realm and the Empires of Silk and Spice.

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