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S1 E49: Aot Solorex

General Summary

In which the Scale Squad locates the portal to the temple of Borem.  
  • heading north through the woods, they cross a large pond with a wrecked boat around which tales and spirits seem to cling, but nothing becomes of it.
  • In a clearing, they encounter the remains of a huge fight, with a large swath of forest burnt and the remains of bodies everywhere, several of which seem unwilling to stay put; a broiled upper skeleton burnt away below the ribs crawls around like a deformed scorpion, it's spine raised up to strike, but it is easily put down. Likewise most of the dead may have already been dead when this fight started, clearly between the forces of Aot Solorex and the creatures of the Haunted Wood.
  • The semi-ruined temple is found at the terminus of the path of ash, and a plan is devised and well-executed to get in and minimize risk. Aot Solorex is a massive fire giant swathed in Radiant energy, the blessed of Aot, the sun god of these wild lands. he puts up a mighty fight that drags on for some time, but is eventually vanquished.
  • Blizzard, seeking the giant's head to fulfill the promise he made to Bindersleeve to return the head as payment for the sphere of binding that went unused, discovers that the giant isn't quite as dead as he appears. 

Missions/Quests Completed

  • The Temple of Four Doors
  • Search for the Sun King


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