S1 E44: The Chaos Throne

General Summary

In which the gang wrings every drop out of the Chaos Throne, and is later detained on the way back to the theatre.
  • Blizzard sits on the throne, and sees a massive sword suspended by a single human hair.
  • Shenanigans ensue; secret powers to ask questions and grant wishes come and go, and Cind finds himself very different after the buttons are pushed than he was before. Zalock suffers some loss of abilities but also finds he has a version of a Beholders' powers. In the End it seems like every button must do something, but what that is may not yet be evident. As people also sit on the throne, or switch off, it seems that the sword is rising little by little with every button pushed.
  • Cind pushes the last button remaining, and the hair holding up the giant sword snaps. The sword falls instantaneously through the base of the chair and buries itself in the floor up to the hilt. Somehow, Cind has moved out of the way; thanks to his rogue evasion, the assured destruction promised by the threat of the Sword of Damocles - missed.
  • Zalock uses his new beholder eyes to burn into the next building's basement, as the cellar door they were in remains locked. The wrecked temple, which it turns out was to Nylea, once held a sacred tree of gold, now sawn off and dead. The roots form the ceiling in the basement, and threaten the group; where once the body of the Nylean priest Telion reposed in peace, a raging undead shambling mound rises up from where it has wrapped around his bones and attacks. It's a mindless root-creature, spawned by the imbalance of the profaned temple, and the party handles it without great difficulty. Searching around in what remains, a gooey plant-rotted mess, Cind finds an interesting ring, a silver serpent coiled around a white stone that radiates enchantment magic when investigated. Telion's holy symbol is nowhere to be found. Despite many appeals to and requests for Damocles to show himself, the being does not show itself.
  • They return to Tavager's Tavern, booze up a bit, chat a little more with Fremont the cat-in-skeleton about Aot's Salvation and their war against other faiths, specifically Nylea but also Tenma of the Moon from whom they took some kind of cloudy moonstone item, and Galashea of Mercy and Justice, from whom they took a rope of mercy - some sort of gallows-rope that only works on the guilty, but cannot harm an innocent. Fremont also points out the beholder-potato at the end of the bar, which is literally a potato, but instead of potato eyes, it has beholder eyes. Fremont threatens to slice it up into hash browns and it just sits there, pitifully, a beholder-potato.
  • They set back out for the theatre, deciding to watch the play and perhaps find Damocles in the Audience, and confront him about the Pearl of Wisdom. Nearly there, they are accosted by a hungry band of Girallon's roaming the rooftops of the ruins and fighting over a deer carcass. These are dispatched without much difficulty, but it seems likely the noise and smell of blood might attract more, or something else, as the sun slowly sets beyond the shattered western walls of the City of Blood.

Rewards Granted

Silver serpent ring, enchantment magic but otherwise unidentified.

Missions/Quests Completed

  • The Chaos Throne
  • Rooftop Girallons

Character(s) interacted with

  • Fremont, the awakened cat who lives in the ribcage of a skeleton
Report Date
21 Feb 2023
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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