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The Stevie-V Joke Company

Purveyors of fine pranks and only the crassest of assests, the Stevie-V Joke Company has production facilities in both Craysilt and Greynor. With a storied history stretching back to the Orc Invasion of 5427NG, much of the city of Craysilt found itself being rebuilt with monies donated by an anonymous source, who the Wharf Rats identified as Stevie Vekhet; one of the vaunted Travelers, who gave their lives to save Tellus and the entire universe she is a part of. The youngest of the venerable heroes, Stevie was known for many things. He was known for his kind heart, his generous nature, and his wholehearted desire to prank the shit out of every single person he ever met.
Taking pride in quality products, the SVJC has a money-back guarantee printed on every single one of its offerings1
A company run by its own customers, the Stevie-V Joke Company is owned and operated by a group of wayward orphans calling themselve the Wharf Rats. They very often hold stock meeting as two kids in a trench coat, and have done some very clever accounting in order to not get caught "being legit" and losing their street cred, yet remain able to do legitimate business in the Kingdoms. It is rumored they have friends, indeed, members, in high places. These are only rumors, however.
Other great products from Stevie-V!
Exploding Chocolates! Choice chocolate candies that pop and release a harmless cloud of confetti when someone tries to eat them.
Whoopee Cushion 2.0! A high-tech whoopee cushion that emits various realistic fart sounds, complete with noxious odors! It can also be controlled remotely via a cleverly enchanted sending stone.
Invisible Ink Pen! A pen that writes with invisible ink, leaving your target puzzled until they discover the hidden message can only be revealed with a special ultraviolet light producing crystal found in Dwarvenholme.
Endless Banana Peel! A never-ending banana peel that appears to be on the floor, creating a comical and confusing "slippery" situation.
Squeaky Shoelaces! Shoelaces that emit loud squeaking sounds with every step, making it sound like someone is walking on rubber ducks.
Infinite Toilet Paper Roll! A roll of toilet paper that looks very low, yet never seems to end, giving the user an amusing surprise in the bathroom.
Self-Inflating Balloons! Balloons that inflate themselves when activated, creating a sudden burst of color and laughter.
Disappearing Ink Squirt Gun! A water gun filled with disappearing ink, this ingenious mechanism makes it look like you've squirted your target with a colorful, indelible liquid, only to watch it vanish over the next minute!
Fake Bug Fake Ice Cubes! Realistic looking fake ice cubes with realistic-looking fake insects frozen inside, perfect for pranking at parties.
Jumping Jack-in-the-Box! A classic jack-in-the-box with a twist—the jester jumps out of the box completely, blowing a kazoo and throwing confetti at you—as you twist the handle.[/color]
Remote-Controlled Annoying Alarm Clock! An alarm clock that can be controlled remotely to go off at unexpected and awkward times, vibrating and making loud noises. Surprise your friends![/color]
Exploding Golf Balls! Golf balls that explode into a harmless puff of smoke when hit, leaving golfers baffled on the course.
Squirting Flower Lapel Pin! A lapel pin that squirts water when pressed, perfect for adding a touch of humor to formal occasions.
Spinning Pizza Frisbee! A frisbee that looks like a spinning pizza, confusing both the thrower and the catcher.
Invisible Chair Prank Kit! A kit that includes materials to create an "invisible" chair, leading to hilariously failed attempts at sitting down.
Fart-Activated Air Freshener! An air freshener that dispenses a burst of fragrance when it detects the sound of a fart, making an awkward situation a bit more pleasant.
Noise-Muffling Earplugs! Earplugs that make everything sound like it's underwater, causing confusion and laughter.
Snake-in-a-Can! A classic gag where a realistic-looking snake pops out of a can when opened.

And many more! Don't forget to try our Blue-Stain Chewing Gum, and our howling gas burp inducer soft drinks!

1 The guarantee is, of course, complete bullshit. It is, itself, a prank.

Every good burn deserves a great prank!

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